Swatch Forms

Hello loves,
As a blogger I know what it's like to want to work with indie polish brands, so I'm trying to make it a bit easier. Here's a list of indie polish brands with swatcher applications. I wish you all the best when reaching out.
If you have any applications that I missed please let me know so I can add it!

Baroness X
Bee's Knees
Beyond the Nail
Black Cat Lacquer
Colores de Carol
Crystal Knockout
Cupcake Polish
Delush Polish
Different Dimensions
Dollish Polish
Dream of Glitter
Elevation Polish
Emerald & Ash
Fair Maiden
Geekish Glitter Lacquer
Genius Polish
Girly Bits
Grace-Full Nail Polish
Great Lakes Lacquer
I Love Nail Polish
Jior Couture
Joy Lacquer
KB Shimmer
le polish
Lemming Lacquer
Lucky 13 Lacquer
Ms. Sparkle
My World Sparkles
Nail Hoot
Native War Paints
ND Lacquer
NeVerMind Polish
Night Owl Lacquer
Nine Zero Lacquer
Noodles Nail Polish
Poetry Cowgirl Polish
Polish M
Potion Polish
Pretty Beautiful Unlimited
Pretty Jelly
Psyche's Beau
Sassy Pants Polish
Sayuri Nail Lacquer
Smokey Mountain Lacquer
Starlight and Sparkles 
Super Natural Lacquer
Tonic Polish
Top Self Lacquer
Trelly Polish
Treo Lacquer
Turtle Tootsie Polish
Vapid Polish
Virago Varnish
Wildflow Lacquer