Dusty Hunting

Dusty Hunting! (= <3
Gotta love it.
I wrote this because almost every time I posted a picture of my Dusty Haul someone would always asking what dusty hunting is.

Dusty Hunting: When you go to salons & find old hard to find discontinued nail polish

So First thing's first if it's your first time, 
but then you start looking at the nail polish & almost feel as if you're looking at your own collection. You see all these beautiful polishes & without you even noticing it your nervousness turns into excitement.

 Tip #1 Build up the confidence.
You are gonna need to be able to walk in a salon knowing that you're there not to get your nails done but to buy their new or used HTF/VHTF Dusties ! I knew about dusty hunting for about 5-7 months before I even got the guts to walk into a salon with the intentions of buying new/used rare/HTF polishes, It is fairly easy once you do it for the first time. Its like going on the big roller-coaster you're scared of but once you're done the ride you want to go again.

Tip #2 What to say & where to look. 
See now everyone know what to do in different situations once they get the hang of it, but if you are very new to dusty hunting this may help. Once you know what to say & how to act they'll be trying to show you every polish they have in their salon! So I always walk in happy, I got a smile on my face, say hello to whom ever greets me & then I ask If they sell nail polish. If they say yes I begin to look where they have all the new polishes displayed. Sometimes they'll be in register counter behind glass, & often you'll find places that have a lot of nail polishes on one shelf behind glass. Which not only makes it hard for you to see the polish itself in the bottle, but it makes it hard to read the name. After I am done looking at all the new polishes I start looking at the used. If I find one I like I will ask if they will sell me it. I always always make sure they know that I know it is used & I am okay with buying a used nail polish.
Now if when you asked if they sell nail polish & they say no, try asking if you can look at the used polishes. Sometimes they'll sell you the used nail polish sometimes they wont sell those nail polishes. If can either do 3 things, 1. You make an offer 2. try returning when someone else is working or 3. Accept it & not go there again. Now the last one is one of the hardest to do especially if you see one that you know is a dusty you've been lemming for a LONG time. Remember to keep a smile on  your face. (=

Now for tip #3 know your lacquer.
 I cannot stress this enough when you go dusty hunting know what you want, whether this means looking on Google for HTF swatches & names writing them down & trying to remember what all of the ones you want look like OR if you have a phone you can always look at swatches online. You really need to know what the polish you want looks like especially if you'll be paying full price for it. because most salons don't know how HTF nail polishes & how precious they are so they'll mix & thin them. Just imagine this... You find a China Glaze - Grape Crush only to get home to look up swatches & find that the label is correct but the polish has been mixed.

Now everyone knows holographic polishes are beautiful even if you're not a nail polish collector. So if you're mainly after holographic nail polishes they can sometimes be easier or harder to find/notice. Some have silver caps, & some are just super crazy holographic & they'll stand out right away. However some wont, the glitter may settle or the lighting in the salon isn't the best so you may not notice them. That's why I started carrying a tiny flash light with me. Hehe yes some of the workers think I'm a bit loony but they don't care that much considering I'm still a customer.

Tip #5 Negotiating
If you are newer to this which this part may be one of the harder parts for you especially if you're buying used nail polish. Now with this part you are gonna need to be reasonable. These people deal with customers all day & normally they will be happy to help you & agree on decent price. In order to achieve a smooth transaction & make them want to do business with you again you will always need to be polite. A couple of things you can do to help your case is to point out how full or empty it is, & even if its dried out. I don't have many tips in the part because all salons are different i payed 9 dollars for one that had a manicure used out of it & it wasn't even a serious HTF polish. However another time I got 10 holographic OPI & China Glaze polishes for 40$ which is an excellent deal! So it really depends on how you deal with them.

Tip #6 Track your steps.
If you live in a big city you may want to write down which salons you've been to, which ones you'd like to go back to, which ones you don't need to & which ones you still need to check out. Remember Google can be your best friend.

Thanks for checking out my post I hope this helped you a lot. Good luck & happy hunting. (=
Here is the blog I that taught me everyone I know: http://to-polish-or-not.blogspot.ca/2011/11/lets-get-dusty-kims-dusty-hunting-how.html