Uberchic Beauty | Indie Expo Canada Interview

Hello loves, I am excited to be sharing my interview with Uberchic Beauty. So let's jump right into the interview. 
Uberchic Beauty | Indie Expo Canada Interview
Uberchic Beauty | Indie Expo Canada Interview

-What's your name, brand name & what sort of products will you be bringing to Indie Expo Canada?
Brittany Hull from UberChic Beauty - we will be sending all kinds of our brand new plates, stampers, nail art brushes, and two new items that will be launching the first week of August (Cuticle Oil and Nail Art Barrier)! 

-Is this your first time participating in Indie Expo Canada?
Yes! I’ve known Pam for awhile now and I am so excited to finally get the chance to participate! She puts so much time, attention and effort into these events - it absolutely shows! 

-Will you be attending in person?
Unfortunately I won’t be able to – I have an 18 month old who is not fond of traveling just yet so we will have to pass attending in person this year - soon we hope to make it though and meet everyone in person!

-Why'd you pick the name you did for your brand?
I had a few names I had come up with with different logo designs - I actually sat my entire family down and had them help me pick - this was hands down the one they loved (and so do I!). We picked something that would give me room to grow - from plates to nail art supplies and even some fun, colorful lifestyle items. 

-What other names did you have in mind?
I actually cannot remember - I threw a bunch of stuff at the wall though to see what would stick. One name I had was ITEY (a totally made up word) but it did not have the same vibe as the UberChic Beauty.  Oh and for reference - it’s pronounced [oober sheek]

-What's your favourite discontinued product as well as your favourite available product from your brand?
We haven't discontinued too many things over the course of our brand’s lifetime but I can say my favorite product has to be a tie between our UberMats and of course PLATES! We just got picked up by Revlon/CND to design an UberMat for their nail tech classes! 

-What led you to creating your own products? Was it to have your own brand or to just create things for yourself?
Both! I tried stamping plates when I was little (we’re talking junior high…a long long loooong time ago haha) and could never get the hang of them - fast forward many years (and jobs) later I found myself out of work about one month after I got married. In between several failed interviews I dug out some really old nail stamp plates I had and started to try them again…then I thought - with my background (in marketing, design and ecommerce) I could figure out how to make these and try and bring in some kind of income for my family. I honestly had NO idea how much it would take off and I was shocked at how much people liked - even loved - my designs! To this day I don’t let anyone else design my plates - we are truly indie to our core and I will never let that change! Design is what I am the most passionate about and creating quality plates for a ridiculously lovable indie-loving customer base has been an absolute dream come true. 

-How long have you been in this business? Is it a side hustle or full time job for you?
We will hit our 5 year mark this December - can’t wait! This has become my full time job (plus raising my little one).

-What other interests/hobbies do you enjoy?
Wait. Are there hobbies outside of nails?! haha!! My favorite hobby is definitely doing my nails – but if I had to say something outside that: I really love to collect things and often find myself visiting antique stores with my hubby. I also love to garden and bake!

-What's one product that'll be at the show that you would recommend to anyone/everyone? & Why did you chose that product?
Hmmm…it’s so hard to pick! Something that EVERYone needs is a toss up between Mini Uber Mats and Cuticle Oil - but of course if you’re interested in nail art….PLATES!!!!

-Being in this sort of business must be extremely competitive, what are some dilemmas you've faced?
Copycats and ripoffs. When I invented the UberMat it was about a month before everyone started to rip it off. It’s hard because I was the one that had to go through all the trials and investment to make it and then when I did - everyone else profited off of my idea. It’s the way of the world - you just have to pick yourself up and know that it’s going to happen and focus on the positive which was: we acquired a huge following off of just that one idea and leveraged that towards future growth.

-What keeps you doing what you do everyday?
I love my job - it allows me to be a stay-at-home mommy which was my dream! It has tough days for sure but I am so passionate about creating new things that people love that it literally keeps me up at night. I’m obsessed!

-What's your favourite part about attending events, compared to online sales?
Meeting people! I once visited a shoe store in Denver (about an hour south of where I live) and the lady checking me out looked at my nails and said “oh I have those” - I was incredulous and stupidly blurted “no you don’t” (because apparently I thought no one knew of my brand)  - she took a closer look and was like “oh yea - I do! That’s UberChic” - I was SHOCKED - we nerded out about nails while everyone behind me was like - ok come on already! haha - Meeting people that are as passionate as I am about nails is so invigorating!! It’s like finding a new long lost friend - instant connection! I’m so bummed I’m going to miss this one!

-Do you have any advice you'd like to give others in your line of business?
Oh gosh I don’t haha - I don’t think any two stories are the same and I think everyone has different backgrounds and strengths. I guess my best advice is to not give up! Being a business owner is tough (especially if it’s your full time gig) - you take all the risks and have all the brunt of the burden - hang onto those emails customers send that are so amazingly sweet and whip them out on the tough days.

-Where do you want your business to be in two years?
We are EX-PAN-DING! I’m so excited about this!! We have some stuff in the works right now that may or may not be ready by the time you publish this so I can’t give too many details on it just yet - but we are ridiculously excited about our lineup this fall and some other [EPIC] things that are in the works!

-Lastly, please tell me one thing you'd like fans of Indie Expo Canada to know?
We work closely with Pam of Girly Bits so if there is something we sell out of (because we aren’t bringing huge amounts of stock) - feel free to ask her to order it or you can order it off our website (we have flat rate shipping!)

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