Hit the Bottle | Indie Expo Canada Interview

Hey loves, I am thrilled to share my interview with Hit the Bottle, so let's jump right into it! 
Hit the Bottle | Indie Expo Canada Interview
Hit the Bottle | Indie Expo Canada Interview
-What's your name, brand name & what sort of products will you be bringing to Indie Expo Canada?
Michelle Stutterheim, from Hit the Bottle polishes. We'll be bringing a wide range of stamping polishes and supplies. Also a collection of neon and multichrome regular polishes. Last but not least our water based peel off base coats.

-Is this your first time participating in Indie Expo Canada?
No we attended IEC 2 years ago.

-Will you be attending in person?
Unfortunately due to the distance I won't be attending personally, maybe another year! Our stockist Beautometry run by Therese Vogel will be representing HtB on the day.

-Why'd you pick the name you did for your brand?
When looking for a brand name everything I thought of was already taken. So I had to think outside the box! I ran "Hit the Bottle" past a few people and they laughed, (that was my intention, to be humorous!) so I went with it. Despite being gorgeous to look at nail art can be fun in other ways, like silly polish names. I like to make people laugh and wanted a fun brand name.

-What other names did you have in mind?
Other names were Mishka, Firefly....I don't remember anymore! It was too long ago.

-What's your favourite discontinued product as well as your favourite available product from your brand?
I don't think I have a favourite discontinued product. Any stamping polish colour, they are all my hand crafted, made with love, babies!

-What led you to creating your own products? Was it to have your own brand or to just create things for yourself?
When I started HtB five years ago there was not much available in stamping polishes, especially in Australia, this led me to make my own polish. I also hated my job as a chef and wanted to work in a field I was passionate about, nails! 

-How long have you been in this business? Is it a side hustle or full time job for you?
5 years, HtB has grown to be my full time job.

-What other interests/hobbies do you enjoy?
I like anything creative! Running a business doesn't allow for much free time. But if I can I like to dabble with Zentangle, a meditative drawing practice. I'd also like to start making bath bombs and soaps.

-What's one product that'll be at the show that you would recommend to anyone/everyone? & Why did you chose that product?
Our peel off base coats! They easily last for a week. They stay put when needed to and peel when needed to. I really love this product! But like anything there are a few tips to get the best out of them.

-Being in this sort of business must be extremely competitive, what are some dilemmas you've faced?
Dilemmas....I think it would be unprofessional to go into that. There are always challenges to face in life

-What keeps you doing what you do everyday?
I like being self employed and working my own hours. I enjoy being creative and I hope to grow HtB in different ways.

-Do you have any advice you'd like to give others in your line of business?
Advice, it's not easy to run your own business you must wear many hats. Not just the fun one of creativity. There are also taxes, accounting and bookkeeping to consider. You have to take great photos and be computer savvy. Learn as much as you can about your craft from as many sources.

-Where do you want your business to be in two years?
In two years time I'd like to have my own line of stamping plates. Less stamping polish colours, because who needs 98 colours?!! (I'm retiring at 100....joking!)

-Lastly, please tell me one thing you'd like fans of Indie Expo Canada to know?
Thank you for attending IEC! I wish I could be there with you. Without you events like this wouldn't exist and without you indie polish wouldn't exist. So a million thank yous!

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