Clionadh Cosmetics | Indie Expo Canada Interview

Hey loves, I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing my interview with Clionadh Cosmetics. They are a fantastic Canadian cosmetic brand with some seriously gorgeous products. I highly recommend checking their tables out. 
Clionadh Cosmetics | Indie Expo Canada Interview
Clionadh Cosmetics | Indie Expo Canada Interview

-What's your name, brand name & what sort of products will you be bringing to Indie Expo Canada?
Clionadh Cosmetics is run by Leigh and Maggie, two sisters from Toronto, Ontario. All our cosmetics are handmade by us, so we mix, pour, press, package and wrap everything we create ourselves. Currently we offer a wide variety of shadows and highlighters.

-Is this your first time participating in Indie Expo Canada?
This is actually our third year participating in this event.

-Will you be attending in person?
You bet! My sister and I will be attending.

-Why'd you pick the name you did for your brand?
The company name comes from an Irish Deity, Clionadh. Though there are many different spellings. She is often referred to in myth as the goddess of love and beauty. We wanted to pay homage to our Irish heritage, which is also why our logo is a custom-designed Celtic knot.

-What other names did you have in mind?
Oh gosh, I don’t think I even remember any other names we had in mind. Perhaps some other iterations of Clionadh were on the table.

-What's your favourite discontinued product as well as your favourite available product from your brand?
Our first mini eye shadow palette, Garland and Garden, was very special. It kind of represents the threshold that brought us to where we are today. Actually, we loved it so much that we brought back one of the shadows in it as a single. As for favourite available product, I’m really a big fan of our 66.5˚N Collection. It was a bit of a love letter to the beauty of Northern Canada, a place I am very happy to call home. So it also holds a special spot. 

-What led you to creating your own products? Was it to have your own brand or to just create things for yourself?
Clionadh started as a hobby. My sister and I were buying from a lot of American brands prior to starting our own and the idea sprang from that. We didn’t have any Canadian options at the time (though now, we’re happy to see the Canadian indie makeup scene expanding), so we decided to try our hand at it. We’ve been learning as we go and it all snowballed from there.

-How long have you been in this business? Is it a side hustle or full time job for you?
We’ve been in business for just under three years. August 30 th is our anniversary. This is a full-time gig (and more) for both of us.

-What other interests/hobbies do you enjoy?
We both love nature and animals. You can see that influence carried over to many of our collections. Meg plays a lot of sports and is extremely crafty. You’ll find her picking up different art forms over the weekend just to do for fun. I love reading writing and photography. I have a real passion for creative writing.

-What's one product that'll be at the show that you would recommend to anyone/everyone? & Why did you chose that product?
Our new multichrome Stained Glass Collection is something special. Multichromes have been on trend within the nail polish community for a while, but now that technology has finally allowed us to transfer that effect into makeup, it’s been a hot item. With this collection, we wanted to create something different, but still offer that multichrome product that everyone was looking for. It’s a large 55-piece collection, with four different shadow formulas. These are the kind of items that are better shown in person, so we’re going to be bringing testers for everyone to come and play with.

-Being in this sort of business must be extremely competitive, what are some dilemmas you've faced?
Honestly, our biggest dilemma we’re facing right now is growing too fast. We are trying to keep up with the demand. We have some big goals for the next 6-12 months in order to meet this demand. Mainly a bigger team and bigger work space.

-What keeps you doing what you do everyday?
The passion and love that we have for it. We love the flexibility of working for ourselves, creating our own hours. But we also love makeup. We were purchasing makeup well before we ever decided to create our own. So that foundation has always been there.

-What's your favourite part about attending events, compared to online sales?
Getting to see people and putting a name to a face. It’s so hard to transfer online names to actual names. We chat with so many of our supporters, and we love doing it. But seeing them in person and connecting face to face is a completely different experience.

-Do you have any advice you'd like to give others in your line of business?
This might sound a bit generic, but there are two things that are key to success, we have found. One, don’t ever give up. If you believe in yourself and work hard, you will succeed. Two, be different and unique, but also be authentically you. There’s sometimes a bit of expectation for brands to stay on trend and to do what everyone else is doing. But it’s so important to have your own vision and to follow that.

-Where do you want your business to be in two years?
In a bigger workspace with a bigger team, as we mentioned above. But we also want to expand and do some international events and look at breaking into different markets. We’ve been experimenting with different types of non-makeup products recently, and we’re excited to see where this can go.

-Lastly, please tell me one thing you'd like fans of Indie Expo Canada to know?
That makeup is accessible to anyone at any age. We come across a lot of people who may be intimidated by colour, or makeup in general, as it’s something they don’t have a lot of experience with. But makeup is supposed to be fun and is a way for people to express themselves. I think as long as those things are remembered, anyone can enjoy it in their own way.

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