Becoming a Nail Tech Student with TAOND | Part 1

Hello loves! I hope you're all doing absolutely wonderful. I am thrilled to talk to you about this, because a lot of you probably aren't aware that I've been enrolled in a nail school program, so I can become a licensed nail professional. Which is why I haven't be extremely active when it comes to publishing blog posts multiple times a week. So now that you know what's been taking up my time, let's get into why I decided to take this program as well as what's included & how I'm liking it. 

So let's start of with why I wanted to further my education, I graduated from high school when I was 19 & pregnant with my daughter. This made me want to become a stay-at-home mom, which I did enjoy but there's a point where I became a bit stir crazy with the lack of adult interaction. I found the nail polish community in a couple of Facebook groups, & started this blog. This blog & my nail passion have given me so many opportunities when it comes to brands I work with. Most of my knowledge has come from my own experience, reading other blogs, & brands sharing some of their own tips & tricks with me.

However being a blogger/swatcher, some people see me or refer to me as a nail guru. Which is honestly a flattering term, this leads to people asking a lot of questions, or asking me to do their nails. Which sometimes makes me uncomfortable, because I don't want to give advice to someone that may be wrong. As for me doing someones nails, even though in Ontario you don't need a license to do nails, I'd still be uncomfortable preforming a service on someone. Even it that person was a close friend or family member.

This July, I will have been blogging for 7 years, within these 7 years, I've both good & bad things happen in my life & blogging, & nails has always been a therapeutic way for my to get through everything. Mid last year I decided I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna become a professional nail tech & nothing's gonna stop me. Which is when I found Toand, The Academy of Nail Design. It offers various programs, there's mini certificate programs, full certificate training as well as a just for fun course. I decided I wanted go with the Full Certificate program which means after all of this I'll be a licensed nail professional. I personally feel the best part of the program is that I can learn everything I need to know, from the comforts of my own home. Which personally is kind of similar to what I already do with the swatching & blogging. However the time I had set aside for blogging has been somewhat replaced by my schooling.

So what does the Full Certificate Program include, & where am I at in the program... 

There's 11 modules plus two extras.
Modules 1 - Introduction to Today's Nail Industry
Module 2 - Basic Human Anatomy & Detailed Nail Anatomy
Module 3 - Nail Disease & Disorders
Module 4 - The Client Assessment & Consultation
Module 5 - Salon & Chemical Safety & Decontamination Protocols
Module 6 - Basic & Spa Manicures
Module 7 - Basic & Spa Pedicures
Module 8 - Fiberglass Enhancements
Module 9 - Acrylic Enhancements
Module 10 - UV Gel Enhancements
Module 11 - Advanced Client Care
Nail Art Program
Mobile Nail Professional e-Guide

Now with this program, you have to pass 1, 2, 3 & 4 before you can even get your enrolment letter that'll allow you to shop on professional only websites & in professional only stores.
All of the modules have assignments as well as a test, but practicals start at module 6.

 For the assignments you can turn it in, & if needed, they'll give you feedback & allow you to update/change it. As for the test you're only given two tries. I personally love the program, because they teach you some of the stuff you need to know, but also require you to do you own research as well. So far I highly recommend the program it was been an amazing learning opportunity, & I am thrilled to be learning with them. 

So this pretty much wraps up part 1 of my becoming a nail tech series. I am thrilled to be sharing this experience with you, & especially thrilled that you now know what I've been up to, so you'll understand why I've pulled back a bit on the posts.

Part 2 will be talking about shopping for the items, as well as talking about the wonderful companies that have supported me, as well as provided me with top of the line, high quality products to learn with. After that part 3 will be about my experience with the Basic & Spa Manicures module. So look out for that if you're interested in following me along this journey!

Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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