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I'm always looking to expand my collection of skincare products, I love testing out new cleansers, balm's and serums. Today I have a lovely foaming cream cleanser from Korres, which happens to be a cruelty-free, all natural and eco-friendly business, how cool is that! Korres has a wonderful background, it all started when the founder created a best selling product out of a homeopathic laboratory located in his families pharmacy in Greece, it was such a hit that he then began to ship to the U.S., now Korres can be found all over the world.
Korres | Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser
Korres | Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser
Korres has a wide variety of clean products to choose from, I find them quite unique actually. They carry a Greek Yoghurt line, which leads me to believe that all of the products would be very light and soothing on the skin. Today I have a product from their Wild Rose line, all products will have Wild Rose Oil incorporated throughout them. From previous research I have found that rose is very good for the skin, it has been known to brighten, help to maintain the Ph balance of your skin, reduce redness and even clean out your pores.

Korres' Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser has a light rose smell, it's not overpowering at all which is nice. The consistency is thick and creamy, you only need about a dime size of product to completely lather your face, it did not foam as much as I thought it would it was more of a creamy foam. My first wash with this cleanser went amazing, it left my skin feeling so refreshed and smooth. I have extreme combo skin and my biggest issue with cleansers is that many leave me with very dehydrated skin, this did not. It was actually the opposite, this cleanser did not leave my skin feeling stripped which is a huge plus in my books. The Wild Rose Foaming Cleanser almost has a milky texture to it, it's very luxurious feeling.
Korres | Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser
Korres | Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser
After about 2 week's of using this cleanser I've noticed a few things, my skin's redness reduces almost instantly after washing my face with the Korres cleanser, I feel more hydrated and I my skin almost get's a calming feeling. This cleanser would be the perfect fit for combo to dry skin in my opinion, it's creamy but so light all at once. This cleanser not only contains rose oil, but also Vitamin C which must be why my skin feels so nourished after cleansing.

Korres Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser has definitely earned a spot on my vanity, I only have positive things to say about this product. It's suitable for vegans/vegetarians, 100% clean, comes with 200 ml (that's a fair amount!) and has made slight improvements on my skin within just a couple weeks. A moisturizer from the Greek Yoghurt line would make a great addition to this cleanser, it's definitely getting added to my "must haves" list!

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