A Failed Experiment

I had a really painful break on Friday while out doing errands.  My nails are short so when I jammed my thumb nail it split far enough that everytime this little flap moved I felt like it was getting ripped off.  Holding it together with bandaids was not cutting it, so I had an idea! 
gel fix, nail torn, dry brittle nails

Why not use get polish to hold it together?  At least just long enough to grow it out and not have exposed nail bed.  As you can see by this macro, I did not nail the application of the gel on the first try and had it in my cuticle for the first day.  
gel nail, gel top coat, girly bits cosmetics
Much Better.
The winter is not an awesome time for my nails, so here they are bare.
bare nails, short nails, dry nails, ridged nails
Bare Nails
I was however getting pleased with the length so I thought it would be the perfect time to try out a little experiment.  I wondered how a peel off base coat would work if it was put over a gel coat on the nails.  My reasoning, that the gel would make my nails a little more resilient in the winter and I'd still be able to change my polish as often as I'd like without damaging the gel.   I don't even own a gel base coat so I used my Girly Bits Top Coat.
girly bits, gel top coat, gel nails, gel polish
To add the polish and art on top I started with my Unt Peel Off from Nailstuff.ca, then polished and completed the mani with the Superchic Lacquer Marvel Macro Top Coat.  It felt good, felt strong, looked great. (you can see the 2 looks I did here)  And lasted all of 3 hours.
popped a peelie, peel off nails, unt peel off
So obviously not what I was expecting.  I went about daily routine and lost both index nails making dinner.  Looked down a while after dinner and was missing a couple others as well.  They had popped off just as fast as if I had put the Unt directly on my nail.
nail peelie, nail art, manicure, unt
I suspect it has to do with the gel being a Top Coat and not meant to be a long wearing base, or some sort of reaction to the Unt.  Either way it did not work this way.  I would like to try this again but using a gel base instead.

The gel did manage to allow my broken thumb nail to grow out to the end of the nail bed though before I cut it off today, so that was at least a success.  

FYI: My nails are this dry and brittle even with using nail oil MULTIPLE times each day and utilizing things like butters etc.  I have always had severe dry skin and issues with eczema and psoriasis and my nails have had issues since I wore acrylics in highschool.  So if you have a holy grail product, I'd love to hear about it!! ~ Kelly


  1. I snapped a nail halfway the other day and it was so close to the quick that I had to patch it with tissue every few days and cover it with polish to wait it out until I could safely clip it off. IT SUCKS!