Ardell | Double Demi Wispies Magnetic Lashes

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Ardell is one of my favourite drug store brands for lashes, I find them super easy to apply as they tend to have very flexible bands, and if taken care of properly, I can get many uses out of just 1 pair. I have tried several different sets of magnetic lashes from many brands, some are easy to apply and others, not so much. We all want luscious and full lashes, but in most cases we end up damaging our natural lashes in order to achieve that fullness. Magnetic lashes should do absolutely no damage all the while giving you that voluminous look, lets dive in and see how Ardell's Magnetic Lashes apply, look and feel!
Ardell|Double Demi Wispies Magnetic Lashes
Ardell|Double Demi Wispies Magnetic Lashes
Ardell's magnetic lashes are packaged similarly to their regular, but you'll notice that there are 4 pieces to one set. On the left side you'll receive a top left lash as well as a bottom left lash accompanied by a top and bottom right lash. On the back of the package you get instructions on how to apply which basically tells you to start by laying an upper lash over your real lashes then follow by placing a lower lash underneath your natural lashes which should then lock both magnetic lashes into place.
Ardell|Double Demi Wispies Magnetic Lashes
Ardell|Double Demi Wispies Magnetic Lashes
My first attempt at putting these lashes on was very unsuccessful, I found it difficult to get the band close to my lash line, and even more difficult because I couldn't use tweezers to place them properly. after some trial and error I've mastered Ardell's Magnetic Lashes.

Heres how I did it:
-Make sure you're wearing mascara(This helps the lashes to stay in place before the magnets have attached)
-Get the upper lash as close to your lash line as you can
-Start your lower lashes at the inner corner of your eye, laying once magnet at a time and work  towards the outer corner of your eye.(This worked better instead of
just quickly trying to place the lower lashes all at once)
-If uneven on the inner or outer corner, you can gently peel the lashes apart 1 magnet at a time and re-place where needed.

After a few tries I was able to put these lashes on effortlessly, I've heard some people say that cutting the lashes into two sections and applying them separately works, I didn't have to resort to that though, I hope my tips and tricks help you!

Ardell|Magnetic Lashes
Ardell|Magnetic Lashes

Out of all the magnetic lash options out there, I firmly believe that Ardell's Magnetic Lashes are the way to go, once you've figured them out, you wont have to worry about damaging your natural lashes with harsh glues and constant strain from either extensions or falsies that require adhesive. Ardell carries a bunch of different styles of magnetic lashes, some are more natural and other are much longer and more dramatic. I've been wearing these lashes daily for a few days and I must say I am very impressed at how well they stay on, not once during my busy days have I had to re-apply while I was out and about!

Thanks for reading, Samantha<3

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