St.Tropez Review | Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt And Glow

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I love the look of sun kissed skin all year round, in the summer months I try to get outside as often as I can to achieve an all-over bronzed look. When winter rolls around, my skin is instantly screaming for help, it's dry and flaky and naturally,  I'm losing that gorgeous tan that I worked so hard on. I have tried many self tanners over the years and there is one brand that has always held a spot on my Vanity, St. Tropez. Below you'll see my thoughts and the progress I've made by using St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt And Glow.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt And Glow
St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt And Glow

St. Tropez is known for carrying wonderful self-tanning products such as lotion's to even mousses that allow you to even control the depth of your tan. Today I will be showing you how the Sculpt And Glow worked for me over a one week period. This product comes with 200ml for 35$, includes mood-boosting scents, it's quick drying and is said to be streak-free and also claims to blur imperfections in the skin.
As you can see above, I have many skin imperfections. St. Tropez claims to help blur some of those, below you'll see my progress, my thought's on the formula as well as my progress over the next week.

BEFORE St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow
BEFORE St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow |NO EDITS|

DURING: 2 Days Of St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow
DURING: 2 Days Of St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow |NO EDITS|
My first application was extremely effortless using the applicator glove, it's oh so soft, soaks in a small amount of product which allows it to work almost like a sponge to help spread out the lotion evenly. The smell of the lotion leaves you feeling fresh and not like you've just dumped self tanner all over your body. I absolutely love how the lotion is not orange or even coloured at all, from previous experience with self tanners I was always left with brown spots on my clothing! This formula dried down almost instantly and my skin is left feeling soft and hydrated. Moisturizing daily is an absolute must for me, especially in the colder months. I applied St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow right after my morning routine but before I moisturized to see exactly how hydrated my skin would feel afterwards and I must say I'm very impressed, the amount of moisture my skin was given from this gradual tanner is the same I would have received from my daily body lotion.
AFTER Using St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow For 7 Days no edits
AFTER Using St. Tropez Sculpt And Glow For 7 Days |NO EDITS|

St. Tropez Grdual Tan Plus Sculpt And Glow is amazing! My skin is glowing, very hydrated, not flaky and looks even. I see no orange or streaks what so ever! In the past week I've been asked twice where I went on vacation, each time I made sure to boast about how amazing this self tanner is. The colour I achieved is perfect, I didn't want a super dark look but I also didn't want it to be too light. It's right in the middle and my skin has that perfect warm glow that I was so desperate for. Self tanners can be scary, I firmly believe that's only because there are many out there that instantly create a streaky orange mess. If you're looking for a healthy glow with a seamless application, go get you some St. Tropez, you wont be disappointed. Plus, it also gets some bonus points for having a light fresh scent instead of that typical self-tanner smell! Thanks for reading, Samantha<3


  1. I got this as a mini in a Ipsy bag I and I loved it as well. I just used my hands with application though and I got good results but I wouldn't mind trying a mit for more smooth application. This was a great review happy glowing !!

  2. It’s great isn’t it! The application with the glove is even better!!