Celebrating My 1 Year Fit-aversary With Macklemore

A year ago today I set foot in a gym for the first time ever.  So today, thanks to my amazing niece, I'll be celebrating that milestone with a Macklemore show at Fallsview Casino!
cant hold us, fitness journey, nail art, night owl lacquer
Can't Hold Us nails.

This was me a year ago, just after my first workout, I had a brave face on, but man it was hard.  But fun.  Exactly why I kept going back.  I joined Go Fitness Niagara to spur myself back in the right direction as after having my son, a few of the 160 lbs I lost with Gastric Bypass in 2011 were creeping back.  I figured the 6 Week program was the perfect start and Josh convinced me with his contagious positive energy.  For the first time in a long time I was excited to challenge myself to something out of my comfort zone, which was my couch, Netflix and, pizza and cake.
fitfam, fitness journey, sweaty selfie
First Post Workout Selfie

That gal in the background there made me enjoy working out!  Melody believed in us and helped us believe in ourselves.  Over those 6 weeks, I fed my body better and astonished myself with the things it was capable of, like doing squats while holding a 230 lb tire!  I lost 21 lbs in those 6 weeks, and had so much fun taking care of myself I decided to stay on indefinitely!   I have since slowed with the weight loss, only losing about another 10 over the year, but I'm seeing big changes in what my body can do, what I like to eat, how my clothes fit and I feel so much better.   It's true that investing in yourself is never a waste.

fitfam, fitness journey, go fitness, fitaversary
Today, right now, typing this.

During that first workout, this song came on, it was so catchy and invigorating that I resorted to Shazam when I later heard it on the radio.  It was Can't Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and that was it, I was hooked.  I mean I'd obviously heard Thrift Shop and Downtown, but that one led to recognizing that I was actually bopping along to quite a few of his songs before I even knew who he was!   When Gemini came out I loved everything on it so now I have a mix that I keep in the car of my faves that I have to listen to on the way to the gym, my 'hype' music I guess you'd call it?  So I can't think of a better way to celebrate my commitment to my own fitness than to see Macklemore tonight right here in my hometown!  I might be a wee bit excited. 

I did some cute nails to match my mood using this pretty Night Owl Lacquer November exclusive for the Holo-Maniacs group on Facebook called, Holo Love.  I stamped over it with Twinkled T stamping polishes and the Moyra Scrabble stamping plate.  I attempted to draw the cover art from This Unruly Mess I've Made on my pinky.  This is when having longer nails would have been so much more fun! 
cant hold us, fitness journey, nail art, night owl lacquer
Can't Hold Us mani

On my other hand, I replaced the Us with Me because I feel like it's true now.  I have definitely developed the attitude where if someone thinks I can't do something, I immediately think 'well you just watch me'.  💪
cant hold us, fitness journey, nail art, night owl lacquer
Can't Hold Me mani

We had a pretty rough year in 2018, a sewage backup, replacing the furnace and air conditioner (but of course not at the same time because that would have helped us save a few bucks), a few pricey car repairs (she's an old gal like me) and suffering a loss in July.  Through it all though I had the tools and support I needed to deal with the stress and sadness.  I mean, I still haven't found a time where getting in the car and belting out some of my favourite tunes hasn't made me feel at least a little better.
So if you see me rapping ridiculously, alone in my car, wearing my workout gear, flinging my arms around...laugh!  I would.  It's great for you!  Or give me that 'you do you' nod, and I'll smile and nod right back.  This 40-something mom is not embarrassed by much anymore! 

It's a mere few hours to showtime now and I've got to rest up a bit so I have the energy to enjoy the show.  Seriously, having a kid definitely makes you realize how amazeballs naps are.

Thanks to all those who have supported me on my fitness journey and a special thanks to the talent of Macklemore for helping hype me up to be my best self! ~ Kelly

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