Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette | Review

I love a pigmented palette with rich shades that differ from the rest. For most of my makeup loving years I've only gravitated towards neutral palettes, it's only been within the last year or so that I've stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something more colourful. ABH's Subculture palette was 1 of the few that got me to step out of my comfort zone with some gorgeous forest green's and mustard yellow's. There has been a bit of negativity towards the beginning of it's launch, most of which I don't agree with, below you'll see some swatches, looks and my thought's on this palette!

ABH Subculture Palette Looks
As usual, I'm going to start with the packaging. From the moment I held this palette in my hands I've loved it, its so soft and fuzzy. It's a deep blueish/forest green colour and has 14 square pans inside. 3 of which are shimmers and 11 are mattes. This palette almost reminds me of the 70's with its very pleasing mustard yellow's, light and deep army greens and a gorgeous deep purple shade. Along with these bold shades you get the standard sized mirror as well as a double ended brush, one side is for packing and the other is for blending.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette
Once you've gotten past the ever so fuzzy packaging, you'll see that this palette comes with a mirror, and a brush specifically made to go well with the formula of the shades, which is always a plus in my books! Typically, I'm not a fan of the brushes brands include, but this brush isn't too bad! It's synthetic and very fluffy, I even used it in the looks pictured above to blend and pack. In the top row you get 7 gorgeous shades, 2 being glitter/shimmer shades and on the bottom row you get another 7 with 1 more glitter pan. As soon as I opened her up I was drawn to "Electric", it has almost a brown base but glows green, its so gorgeous! Just by looking at this palette you can see that many bold looks are very achievable as well as neutral looks, depending on what your feeling that day.
14 gorgeous colours
What I've noticed while swatching each shade is that they are all very lightly pressed, which may be why people were having issues with kick back and fallout. During my years of loving makeup, I've really noticed that some shadows require different techniques, for instance, glitter shades require packing, loosely pressed shades require a light hand and hard pressed shades require more time blending. The Subculture palette is one of those palettes that just needs a bit of patience. Below you'll see each shade in its glory, "Adorn", "Electric" and "Axis" are stunning!
Cube|Dawn|Destiny|Adorn|All Star|Mercury|Axis

Roxy|Electric|Fudge|New Wave|Untamed|Edge|Rowdy
One thing I love about ABH palettes is how buttery their shades are, you can tell by my swatches, but its so hard to portray just how creamy they are through photos! The blendabilty of these shadows are fantastic, I really love how I was able to blend 2 colours together without being stuck with a slew of new colours. I reach for this palette often and I think the strength of this product is in the shade range, its unlike many out there. Fall looks are so easy to create and now that we're heading on into the holidays, those deep greens, burgundies and glitter shades will go well with some holiday glam. If you normally go into shadows with a heavy hand, I would recommend being more cautious and gentle with Subculture and perhaps give your brush a quick tap to get any access product of your brush. Thanks for reading, Samantha<3

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