The Walking Dead Season 9 Nail Art and Feels

Some of you may have already watched the Season 9 premiere for AMC's The Walking Dead.  I am waiting until Sunday.  I am not in a hurry to start this season knowing what it will bring.  So to cheer myself up I created some Rainbow Rick Grimes themed nails!
stuff, nail art, walking dead, thangs, holo, rainbow
Rainbow Rick Grimes Nails

I knew the originals wouldn't last forever, and after Glenn I was sure I wasn't going to blubber over the losses anymore.  Then it was announced that Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes, was leaving the show during season 9.  I already have a lump in my throat.  This show is so amazingly well done and the characters are so well written that many of us have quite an attachment to them.   I've been hooked since episode 1 and I can't imagine the TWD world without that character, but I'm also curious as to how they write him out, and where it goes from here.  But I'm going to have a LOT of feels this season so to distract from my sense of impending doom, I threw all my go to sparkly pick-me-up polishes on my nails!
stuff, nail art, walking dead, thangs, holo, rainbow
Left Hand- STUFF

stuff, nail art, walking dead, thangs, holo, rainbow
Right Hand- THANGS
My go-to sparkly holo happy polishes.  As you can see by the fill lines, the no longer available Powder Perfects are used very sparingly for accent nails only!
Powder perfect, tonic polish, holo, indie polish
Powder Perfect- Rainbow Dragon
Tonic- Dragon Tears
Powder Perfect- Unobtanium
I told Anita to surprise me with some borrowed Halloween themed plates and she included this gem from Uber Chic!
clear jelly stamper, twinkled t, uber chic, stamping, nail art stamping
Uber Chic Plate- LE- Zombie Love
Twinkled T- Vibin and Lowkey
Clear Jelly Stamper Polishes~52,55,57
This duo from Glisten & Glow has been my go to for Ridge Filling Base Coat and Top Coat for over a month now.  I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't yet.  Super reasonably priced at $6.99US for the Top Coat and $6.99US for the Ridge Filling Base Coat.
Ridge filling base coat, top coat, quick dry top coat
Glisten and Glow~ Ridge Filling Base and Top Coats
I hope you liked my Nail Ode To Rick Grimes, and that you are as excited about the future of The Walking Dead as I am!  Now I have Stuff...and Thangs to do~ Kelly

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