James Charles' Skull On Kylie Jenner Recreation (With A Twist)

James Charles recently had Kylie Jenner on his YouTube channel, and it was ICONIC. I've always loved James and Kylie, watching James experiment with Kylie's new Halloween collection was fabulous and inspiring. I cant wait to get my hands on some of her new products. James had Kylie looking spooky as a purple themed skeleton complete with a realistic skull mask over her mouth. I loved the look so much, I've attempted to recreate it, and added a little twist.
James Charles & Kylie Inspired Purple Skull
Tis the season for pumpkin spiced everything, beautifully coloured trees, crisp-cool weather and Halloween! After watching James Charles' video on YouTube, I couldn't help my self but to gather all of my colourful palettes, black liners and eerie contact lenses so i could attempt to recreate this look. On the scale of difficult to easy skull makeup, I would rate this somewhere in the middle. It was a bit time consuming, my white liner was giving me some trouble and trying to make this perfectly even took a tad longer than expected. I love this look because its so easy to add your own touch, instead of the purple base, you could try pink or even gold! Throw on a black flower crown, black clothing and a touch of purple glitter in your hair and you're left with an awesome skull Halloween costume.

I have a few more Halloween looks coming up, but I wanted to kick start the season with this iconic recreation. Whats amazing about intricate makeup looks for Halloween, is that there's no need to go all out on the costume itself. You can dress cozy and cute and in most cases, people will still know what you're dressed as. Check back for my next look, A Mystical Mermaid, tail and all. <3
I would love to know what you're dressing as for Halloween, let me know in the comments!

Products used:
Bh Cosmetics, Take Me Back To Brazil
Lime Crime, Blossoms Highlight
It Cosmetics Concealer, Bye Bye Under Eye
House Of Lashes, Classics
Too Faced, BTS Mascara
Pretty Vulgar, Make Them Blush

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