BH Cosmetics, Take Me Back To Brazil | Review & Easy Sunset Look

If you're on the hunt for an affordable, colourful and pigmented eye shadow palette, this ones for you! I came across this brand on Instagram a year or so ago, not knowing how amazing this palette was, I acted on impulse and bought the most colourful palette I could find. Little did I know the very cheap price point would not reflect the performance of this palette. Its official, I have fallen in love. Lets get straight into why Take Me Back To Brazil is a must have in your collection.
Sunset Inspired Eye 
Lets start with the packaging, shall we?
Its summer vibes go hand in hand with the vibrant shade range inside, its just a standard thick cardboard material, in this case i'm going to let that slide given how well made and affordable this palette is. I absolutely love the touch of metallic accents they've incorporated, in my opinion, it brought the looks of the packaging up a notch, we love a shiny palette.

Front Packaging 

How about that shade range though! I can just imagine the rainbow looks, mermaid glam and even just a punch of colour that are achievable with this beauty. Unfortunately there are no shade names to list for you, perhaps they're not even needed in a palette like this. Not only does it boast a few shades and tones for each colour of the rainbow but it also incorporates some satin and shimmer shades. At the bottom we have a shimmery white, a matte white and a matte black to use as a base, lighten inner corners and darken the outer crease.

Inside Packaging, 35 Shades

Lets move onto the swatches, as you can see, the pigmentation is not consistent just like most palettes. The satin shades seem to be less bold than the shimmer shades. The pinks are quite fair in comparison to the blue's and teals. On the other hand, all shades seem very build-able. When using bold colours I almost always use a concealer as a base for that extra pop, I found that the yellows looked very similar and not quite as bright as I hoped for. The three pans at the bottom of the palette will come in handy, the shimmery white is a subtle highlight, the matte black can be used as a dark base or to deepen your look and the matte white can be used as a base as well as a highlight if you're into that matte brightening look.

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4 + 3 Bottom Pans

My thoughts: Would I recommend this palette to somebody? Absolutely. Yes I know there are better colourful palettes out there, but if you're looking for one that's affordable and fairly easy to use, then Take ME Back To Brazil is for you. I purchased this palette specifically for Halloween, I was terrified of bold eye looks. I'm most certain that this palette was what broke me out of my shell, there are just so many amazing colour combos and they blend well together. Bh Cosmetics always has some sort of sale going on, its originally 18$ but I purchased during one of those sales for only 9$, how can you go wrong for a 35 shade palette!
Thanks for reading, Samantha<3


  1. It's only $18?! That's amazingly affordable! I heard of this! I should get it for halloween looks too ;)

  2. Yes it’s unbelievable eh! Totally worth it girl🙌🏻🙌🏻