Feeling Fall

This year I am actually excited for fall!  Bring on the sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
And best of all the fall colors and fall inspired nail art!
fall scene, fall leaves, fall road

I drink hot coffee every day of the year, but this summer had some days so hot I ordered an iced coffee or two!  I miss my kid when he's at school for sure, but boy do I ever love having my morning coffee with a side of silence!  I am definitely a Starbucks gal, it's my go to treat for myself and I love the Blonde Roast coffee so much it's what I use at home also.  I take mine with a splash of Cashew Milk and a little Pure Canadian maple syrup, so it's already pretty fall tasting! 

All the Fall nail looks here are done using Clear Jelly Stamper plates, because they really do have a plate for pretty much whatever you're feeling!  This first one, well as you can see, I was feeling Coffee!

nail art, indie polish, stamping nail art, pretty nails
Bases: Great Lakes Lacquer- Coffee is Necessary, Picture Polish-Malt Teaser (topped with Heather's Hues- Halloween Magic), KBShimmer- Tiers of Joy
Stamping: Plates-CjS #LC-25, CjS#H-21 Polish- Superchic Lacquer- Rum Billie and Awesome Sauce, Clear Jelly Stamper- You Had Me at Chocolate, Mystic Moss, Jenny's Gonna Love It

Another thing I'm looking forward to are long walks that don't leave you a big old sweaty mess!  The leaves changing colors and the crisp cool air, invigorate me and inspire me to keep moving.  For this nail art the inspiration was the polish itself! 
This is Berried in the Leaves by Ever After Polish, that I picked up last Fall from Polish Pick Up
nail art, indie polish, stamping nail art, pretty nails
Stamping Plate: CjS#H-15
Polish: Clear Jelly Stamper- You Had Me at Chocolate, Mystic Moss, Pass the Pinot
Twinkled T- So Extra

I also love the smell of ripe grapes on the vine, and am lucky to live in a region full of vineyards.  Wrapping myself in cozy sweater, next to a roaring fire with a cool glass of Inniskillin Late Autumn Riesling is a perfect evening. 
This is Ever After Polish Falling stamped using the same plate as the last look (Give Thanks), it's amazing how many intricate images they fit on these plates!
nail art, indie polish, stamping nail art, pretty nails
Stamping Polish: Clear Jelly Stamper- Pass the Pinot, Mystic Moss
Twinkled T- So Extra

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!  As some of you may recall from a previous post, we have a pumpkin plant growing in our front garden!  There are soooo many blossoms on it and already a few tiny pumpkins.  I'm pretty excited that my black thumb hasn't killed it yet!  
These two Fiendish Fancies polishes were perfect for pumpkins.  The orange glitter is Best in Mexico, and the green is Tough Sumbitch.  I picked both of these up in her clearance basket at Indie Expo Canada for a steal! 
nail art, indie polish, stamping nail art, pretty nails
Stamping Plates: CjS#H-15, CjS#H-20
Polish- Clear Jelly Stamper- Mystic Moss
Twinkled T- So Extra
I hope you enjoyed the first of my Fall inspired looks and that you have someone special to snuggle up to as the weather gets cooler! ~ Kelly


  1. Beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading your descriptions and your manis totally fit! I totally feel the same way! Well, about the coffee and wine part anyway! I’m not much for the walks in the wilderness 😂

    1. Thanks so much! At least the bugs die off making nature more tolerable in the fall!