Some Really Short Nail Art!

Before you know it it'll be all Pumpkins and Spice!  Fall is right around the corner so to show that short short nails can be cool too, here's my first #falloweenicure of 2018! 
emily de molly, indie polish, fall
Emily De Molly- Say It Backwards

As you know I had a rough July and had some really bad breaks, slowly but surely they are recovering, but I couldn't wait for that to play with some of the new pretties I had laying around!  This Emily De Molly was sent to Anita to review, and because she is just the bestest bestie ever she let me borrow it to check it out!  The blue glitters in this one just glow!  The name screamed Halloween to me so I added some themed stamping.  It was a Color4Nails July Exclusive so if you have to have it, you'll have to creep some destashes!  Anita made it clear she is not giving up hers!
emily de molly, indie polish, fall
Stamped Bats over Emily De Molly- Say It Backwards

emily de molly, indie polish, fall
Haunted House

With some more borrowed from Anita polishes I was feeling a pretty creatures vibe and went with Unicorns and Flamingos for my next two manis. Also, this Unicorn reverse stamping is probably my best attempt yet as far as staying in the lines!
unicorn, lollipop, reverse stamping
Reverse Stamped Unicorn and Lollipop
The base was Night Owl Lacquer Gone To My Happy Place, the August Indie Positivity exclusive.  For both of these stamping manis I used the Born Pretty plate BP-164.
flakies, exclusive polish
Night Owl Lacquer- Gone To My Happy Place
And then a flamingo because for some reason this base colour made me think of them!  This is Night Owl Lacquer-Wild Summer Winds, the August Colour Of The Month.  A really gorgeous teal creme polish that you still have some time to grab for yourself!
creme polish, flamingo
Night Owl Lacquer- Wild Summer Wind
Oh and how cute is this little hand model?!  My adorable son wanted to hang out with me in my nail room and get his nails done too, so I let him pick out his own polishes, and like me... how could he pick just one?!  Great choices I think!
IS Polish, tiny nails
For his red: Inspired Sense Polish- Poison Apple

night owl lacquer, tiny hands
For his blue: Night Owl Lacquer- Night Magic

 With a little regrowth happening now thanks to all the pampering I've been doing with all my Cuter Cuticles products, I figured I'd try something fun!  Not really sure what the goal was but it was nice to have a little room to work, and you can never go wrong with a Painted Polish crelly!
crelly, beards and bowties, glitter crelly
Painted Polish- Beards and Bowties with Stamped in Starfruit
Clear Jelly Stamper Circles Plate

cuter cuticles, cuticles, nail growth
Cuter Cuticles Lemon Cupcake Cuticle Oil

That's about all I've been up to nail wise, but stay tuned as you'll be seeing a lot more nail related posts from me in the coming months!  For now, check out the Pumpkins I'm accidentally growing!!!!
Seriously I kill everything that grows with my black thumbs, so the only reason this is still alive is that I haven't touched it yet! It's growing in my weed filled front garden right at the bottom of the stairs, and if it keeps growing healthy it's welcome to the entire walkway!  Yay free pumpkins!
baby pumpkin, gardening, black thumbs

Hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer ~Kelly

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