A Week Of Old Favorites: Day 7~ Spooky Nails

With the school year about to begin and Halloween around the corner, I just had to pick an old Halloween design for my last recreation!  Plus, I have really enjoyed the hand painting, so there may be more of that in my manis to come!
fall nails, Halloween nails, nail art, nail art recreation
October 2014 / August 2018

Oh I so enjoyed doing these again!  Upgraded slightly due to new skill level and available tools I think this new one is by far my favorite of the week (cupcakes probably a close second).  I don't use my thumb as a canvas much anymore as it's hard to include in photographs without using the telltale beginners claw pose.  It was a little tricky to paint on because of that, so I did use stamping for the letters.  I also stamped the kitty on my ring finger and added some extras like eyes, because why not?  The teeth and mummy were so much easier this time around thanks to my Mermaid Tail Brushes from Nailstuff.ca!
fall nails, Halloween nails, nail art, nail art recreation
Spooky Halloween Nail Art
 I tried to stay with the original colors as much as I could.  I had planned on using my acrylic paints for the detail work, but because I use them so very often, they were all dried up!  Thankfully I had a small army of stamping polishes to fill in!

Base: Glisten & Glow- Ridge Filling Base Coat
Thumb,middle,pinky: Cirque Colors- Momento Mori
Pointer: Bliss Polish- Sand
Ring: Ever After- Scary Beyond All Reason
Stamping/Hand Painting: Twinkled T-Glow Up, Lit, Vibin'
                                         Clear Jelly Stamper- Mystic Moss
                                         Painted Polish- Stamped in Clay, Stamped in Starfruit
Topcoat: Glisten & Glow Top Coat

fall nails, Halloween nails, nail art, nail art recreation
The Bases
 To compliment the other hand I grabbed Cauldron Bubble from Powder Perfect for my other hand, and I definitely see me wearing this combo for at least a few days!
fall nails, Halloween nails, nail art, nail art recreation
Powder Perfect- Cauldron Bubble
And that concludes my week of recreations!  Did you have a favorite?  Do you have one from my Instagram that you think I should have chosen or would like to see me attempt?  Maybe I'll do these from time to time!
Hope you all have a great weekend!~ Kelly

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