My New Favourite Thing and a Little Life Update!

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Long time no post!  I have a great excuse... honest.  And I'll get to that but first I gotta share my new favourite thing!  Sammy from Cuter Cuticles made my week with a surprise package with her new Lemon Cupcake Lip Balm!
lip balm, lemon cupcake, indie product

I am so excited to have my favourite Cuter Cuticles scent/flavour now in the classic lip balm.  I have been using Sammy's lip balm for over a year now and am so happy with the improvement in my lips.  I am a nervous lip biter and almost always had dry, flaky, cracked and often bleeding lips.  This stuff keeps my lips soft and moisturized even through this very stressful last month!  They sell for $2, and this scent as well as a few new summer scents are available now at the Cuter Cuticles store, I suggest grabbing one or two of each and keeping them everywhere like I do with all of her products!  Sammy also does custom scents so don't be afraid to reach out and request something special like I did with my Coconut Coffee Lip Balm and how I pestered her for a good year to make this scent!  Thanks and love you tons Sammy! xo 

Life Update:
Y'all...whew... it's been a long long long few weeks.  I may have mentioned here or on social media we had a sewer back up and flood here this spring, and our insurance was great had the incident cleaned up in 2 days, but left us with a torn apart and unusable basement for months while we waited our turn for the rebuild.  Our claim adjuster gave us the option of taking a one time payment and doing the work ourselves and after much discussion (mainly about how I was sure hubby and I working on a project like this together would lead to divorce), we decided to take the cheque and rebuild the basement ourselves.
Man was that an undertaking!  Hubby had vacation booked for a week in July that thankfully turned into a week and a half we needed the extra time.  Initially he planned to do all the work himself but after better assessing what had to be done he decided to hire out the drywall work.  A neighbour recommended someone he worked with and we had some forward movement on the project finally.
After a few stressful trips to home depot, we had just about everything we needed for the job and taught our son some new ways to use sentence enhancers.  The drywall was up and it was my turn, paint.  I have painted a few rentals we lived in, as well as this house and was pretty confident in my ability to complete the painting in a couple of days and have it look good.  It was a success if I do say so myself (my mom said I did a good job so that's a huge compliment).  Then hubby's turn to lay the new laminate flooring.  Since this was his first time, he asked my dad to help get him started and perhaps with the cuts/measuring.  Of course at 75, no one tells my dad what to do, and he was down on the floor, bad knee and all, doing half the work.  I am pretty proud of how the first steps turned out and can't wait for August vacation to complete the trim and doors.
Here is the progress thus far!
diy, paint, behr, home depot,
From this ugly mustard ...  (that's my painting all day face)

rebuild, home depot, paint, flooring
To this clean crisp new Weathered White and Sanded Oak floor
Oh and there are definitely some perks for saving a few bucks and DIYing this project!  Like my new bestest friend, sorry Anita ;o) .... My Dyson!!!! I have lusted after one of these for years now, and they are all they're cracked up to be!  Finally I have a vacuum that sucks, in a good way.  I may have actually gave it a little kiss after the first spin around the house.  Seriously though, I have owned probably 20 or more vacuums in the 16 years we've been married and some of them were so frustrating they ended up being thrown onto the front lawn like a cheating ex's belongings!  If we had a larger space I'd need one of the higher models, but this one was on for a great sale price at the right time and I love it!
cordless vacuum, dyson v6, canadian tire
Dyson V6

Now... for the excitement.  I broke my first bone!!! Hehe.  You'd think it would have been all the stairs, the carrying heavy equipment or tools and wood everywhere...nope.  It was getting water from the fridge!  The joy of having a large coffee table residing in my kitchen during the work... I turned around after filling a cup of water at the fridge and smashed my baby toe on the solid oak bottom! Oops.  More sentence enhancers picked up by my son of course. It's fine now but looked pretty gnarly for a week or so.  I had it looked at by the doc and he figured it was most likely a small fracture.  There was really nothing to do because of the way my toe is tucked behind it's neighbour like it's already taped together so we didn't bother with x-rays.
first break, tiny toe, baby toe
Next day... the bruising spread for a few days then faded. 

Now for my poor poor nails.  They have suffered the most with all this manual labour!  I have had three pretty bad breaks down to the skin and I imagine it's going to take a few weeks for them to recover, just in time for round two.  Sigh.  I am keeping them covered in Cuter Cuticles oil and butter in the hopes I'll be able to play with some of the great nail mail I've received lately!
working hands, broken nail, ridged nails
Ouch! The ring finger nail hurt! 
I hope you are all making the most of your summer and enjoying time with family and friends, I know that other than this basement project, it's our plan for the remainder of this hot hot summer! ~Kelly

summer fire, summer cookout
Our new Fire Pit

pool at night, glow stick
Glow sticks in the pool! 

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