Happy Canada Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Canada Day weekend!  I felt inspired to do a couple of Canadian inspired nail looks this weekend and decided to share them with you!  Also this pretty much sums up my plans for the weekend, as you can see Diego is not quite on board with those plans yet!
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Diego riding the Crocagator 

I always like to do some sort of Red and White nails for Canada Day, and for this first look I decided to try to use mostly Canadian products.  I was a little worried that I didn't have a Canadian made red polish and then I remembered that I had picked up Poison Apple, the premier polish from Inspired Sense!  It was perfect for my vision!  I used it to make two maple leafs with the help of some vinyls into homemade decals.   I also used it as a base for three nails.  I'm happy they turned out so well! 
inspired sense, indie polish
Poison Apple by Inspired Sense Polish

I used these adorable Mermaid Nail Art Detail Brushes sent to me by Nailstuff.ca to carry the white part of the flag onto the nails next to the maple leaf.  They are very easy to use and hold and the brush tips are so precise!  I am not much of a hand painter especially with tiny details but might actually attempt a few designs with these brushes.  (And I can't wait to see what Anita creates with them!)  These will be available soon on the site!
nail art brushes, nail art, detail brushes
Mermaid Nail Art Detail Brushes sent for review by Nailstuff.ca
For the thumb I used the Poison Apple base and sponged a little of the white from Girly Bits Cosmetics down the centre and added the second maple leaf decal.  I really like the look of this and wish I had my macro lens for better close ups.  (I am having an issue fitting it onto my new Samsung S9 and still learning all the things the camera on it can do!)
maple leaf decal, homemade nail decals
Home made decal maple leaf
Finally for this mani, on the pinky I used a base of Clear Jelly Stamper's More Like 1 AM stamping polish, and covered it with a fun glitter mix by Greenglitter.ca!   I really love that this glitter does no harm to the environment and any tiny creatures who may ingest it!  (I may have actually inhaled one myself today as I am not the most graceful while applying delicate details! )
biodegradable glitter,
Silver, gold and black glitter mix from Greenglitter.ca
I think the overall look of the mani is quite nice, and kind of impressed myself with the execution!
canadian flag nails, maple leaf flag nails
Canada Day Inspired Mani

canadian flag nails, maple leaf flag nails
Nails by the pool

The second mani uses Fair Maiden Light Upon Light as the base and is stamped using Twinkled T stamping polish and a BundleMonster plate I picked up from Harlow & Co.  Also a cute mani but I wasn't as impressed as I was with the other.
canada, canada day, canada day nails
Fair Maiden Polish Light Upon Light stamped with Twinkled T Glow Up

And because I watch Simply Nailogical here's my version of what's on my other hand because it happens to be two polishes from Indie Expo Canada 2018 that look just gorgeous together!  This is a base of Girly Bits Very Important Polish with one coat of Paint It Pretty's All Flaked Up on top, and makes me think of jumping in our pool!
canada day, canadian indie makers, indie polish
Girly Bits Very Important Polish topped with Paint It Pretty All Flaked Up

I hope you enjoyed these looks and if you are also a fellow Canadian, enjoy this holiday and the rest of the world enjoys their weekend just the same! ~Kelly

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