The New ROGUE Lacquer

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Retro Future from Rogue Lacquer

Rogue Lacquer is a brand started recently by one half of the Ever After Polish duo, Rachel.  Her first collection is called Spring Punk and I broke my no-buy to pick up one of them called Retro Future!

This was exciting nail mail for me because I've been a fan of Ever After Polish for quite a while and I was very interested to see if them separating the brands would have any affect on the quality or creativity of the polishes.  I assure you, it did not, now we just have two equally awesome brands and more creations to choose from!  The thing that drew me to these ladies is their use of flakies, I am a sucker for a pretty flakie polish, and here with Retro Future, Rachel nailed it again!  

rogue lacquer, pretty polish, nail art stamping, nail art,
Rogue Lacquer- Retro Future with stamping and glossy topcoat
The formula is smooth, was opaque in two coats and every way you turn your hand you catch metallic flakies!  I really like the muted mint base and I'm fairly certain this will be a colour in high rotation for me.  At $10 US/ 11ml, I can see a LOT more bottles being added to my collection in the future as well! 

retro future, natural light, flakie polish, pretty polish
Natural light
retro future, macro, polish, flakies, shimmer, nail polish
Bottle Macro

retro future, macro, polish, flakies, shimmer, nail polish
Nail Macro

I also always appreciate the attention to detail most Indie Makers include when they package your purchases, the hand written notes are such a nice touch!  And thank you Rachel, I most definitely LOVE! 

adorable packaging, hand written notes, attention to detail, nail polish
Adorable packaging!

 Anyhoo, enough blah blah blah... what do you think of this beauty?! ~ Kelly

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