Sharpie Stamping

When I saw this on my Instagram feed I knew I had to try it!  A little trickier than it looked in a minute long clip!  So here are my first attempts at Sharpie Stamping!

sharpies, stamping, cadillacquer, nail art, poolside, sunshine
Sharpie Stamping by the pool!

Wasn't even sure I wanted anyone to see this very first attempt, but all the hiccups I encountered made my second attempt much more successful.  For this one I used Sharpies that were too pastel, a plate that wasn't etched deep enough to work with this method (plate pictured was only used for the cat), not enough stamping polish on the first pass, and well, you can see it was definitely not a look I was going for so I just gave up and coloured in the Caticorn! 
caticorn, sharpie stamping fail, stamping, nail art, cats
First attempt at the Sharpie Stamping, Rainbow Caticorn using Clear Jelly Stamper plate Meow (CjS60)
After figuring out what wasn't working for me, I started fresh with a whole new manicure!  I started with a gorgeous neon pink flakie polish from Cadillacquer called Why Do We Have To Grow Up from the new exclusive trio for the Indie Shop Anaheim that will be available for pre-order at Color4Nails starting this Sunday May 20th!  (And trust me you need all 3!)  Over my go to ridge filling base, Fillin Groovy from Kbshimmer of course.
cadillaquer, color4nails, exclusive, indie shop anaheim
Cadillacquer Indie Shop Anaheim exclusive trio 

macro, nail polish, nails, pink polish
Bottle Macro

macro, nail polish, nails, pink polish
Nail Macro

After cleaning up the base I added a protective layer of Cuticula Nail Tape in the scent Caramel Cream Latte.  I hadn't yet used a scented nail tape, or really any Nail tape I didn't make myself so Anita let me have this one to try as she's not a coffee girl and I can't function on less than two every morning.  Once dry, it smells heavenly!  I don't enjoy the ammonia smell when applying it as I'm used to the one I use which is ammonia free, but that odour disappears when it's dry and it was very quick drying! 
Cuticula Nail Tape in Caramel Cream Latte
Since my cuticles were ready I prepped my needed supplies.  

clear jelly stamper, sharpies, stamping polish, stamping plates
Sharpie Stamping Supplies
And it was time to stamp!  After finding the images I wanted to use, I coloured on it with the sharpies in a gradient from purple to orange to yellow, then quickly (this is one of the keys to success- working quickly) swiped a generous amount of stamping polish over the image and swiped across it gently with my scraper.  I had my stamper at the ready and picked the image up quickly also then added it to the nail and cleaned up the cuticle and peeled the nail tape.  Topped them all off with a glossy topcoat and pretty sure I can call this second attempt a success!  
nail art, stamping, sharpies, cadillacquer
Sharpie Stamping 

nail art, stamping, sharpies, cadillacquer
Macro middle nail

nail art, stamping, sharpies, cadillacquer
Macro ring finger

nail art, stamping, sharpies, cadillacquer
Macro pinky finger

I do think a quality plate, speed and bold Sharpie colours are the key to nailing this stamping trend, and I can't wait to try it again once I buy more Sharpies!   

How about you.. Have you tried this yet? Are you planning to? ~Kelly

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