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Yay! Nail Mail from Victoria at!  
Polishes from Unt, gorgeous nail flakes, shell decorations, and 
a very much needed crystal nail file! 

nail mail, nail stuff, unt, flakies, decorations
Nail Mail :  All products shown are or will be available soon at

I had no idea what to play with first so I went with my go to, use everything all at once!  We do have two hands after all! 
*Unfortunately you may notice in some of the photos that my clear gel topcoat is a little off, I have no idea what happened to it but when I opened it to use here it was quite gloppy and I was too impatient to wait to play until I could buy a new one! 

The first mani was inspired by the fact that Hawaii has been on my mind lately.  It's fascinating to me that a terrifying eruption like the one happening now, is how the islands became as beautiful as they are in the first place.  So when I saw shells and shining green, I immediately reached for the tropical stickers I was sent earlier!  And voila...

nail stuff, nail file, unt, decorations, nail stickers Crystal Nail File and Aloha mani
 The shells come in a few different sizes, organized in a wheel with both gold and silver finishes, they are detailed and super cute!  These will be available soon and the decoration wheels sell for $6.99 CAN!
nail art, nail art decorations, nail art flakes,
Macro of Green Foil Flakes and Gold Shell Decorations (with red caviar beads)
 I used the Green Foil Flakes two ways, on the nail above I gently patted them on, and the nail below, I rubbed them into the topcoat.  It's a great shade of green, and definitely has a reflective foil shine!  The pots of nail flakes sell for $6.99 CAN also coming soon to
green foil flakes, tropical stickers, nail art flakes, nail art stickers
Tropical Leaf Stickers over Green Foil Flakes

green foil flakes, nail art flakes, flakies, green
Macro of Green Foil Flakes in pot

 And stickers, I mean who doesn't love stickers?  They're quick, easy and can really bring a look together!
nailart, nail art stickers, glitter topper
Aloha and Flower stickers over Unt polishes.

For my other hand, and second mani of the day, I had to play with the new Iridescent Flakes 008, also coming soon to  I love to test flakes out on top of white first but also tried them out on my thumb over Alter Ego Spring Rain.  Of course anytime I use a gel topcoat or polish I use my go to peel off base coat, Unt Ready For Take Off! 

unt peel off, silver shells, iridescent flakes
Iridescent Flakes over white and Silver Shell Decorations over Alter Ego Spring Rain 

nail art flakes, iridescent flakes, flakies, iridescent
Macro of Iridescent Flakes over White Polish

 How gorgeous are these flakes?!  I mean... I think I need this on top of ALL of my polishes now!

nail art flakes, iridescent flakes, flakies, iridescent
Macro of Iridescent Flakes over Spring Rain (sky blue holo)
nail art flakes, iridescent flakes, flakies, iridescent
Macro of Iridescent Flakes in pot
Finally the Unt Polishes I started with:
This is Endless Flashback, a pretty yellow-beige shimmer polish, shown here in three coats with no topcoat.
unt lacquer, unt polish, unt
Three coats of Unt Endless Flashback
 And here with two nails topped in Summer's Kiss, a glitter topper packed with square, hex and bar gold holo glitters.  Also shown here with no topcoat, these dry very shiny all on their own.
unt, unt lacquer, unt polish
 One coat of Unt Summer's Kiss Glitter Topper

unt, unt lacquer, unt polish, macro
Macro of Unt Endless Flashback, no topcoat

glitter, unt, unt glitter polish, unt lacquer, unt polish, gold holo
Macro of bottle, Unt Summer's Kiss
 Thanks again so much to Victoria for sending me these items to review!  These were rushed looks as I just really wanted to try everything out immediately, can't wait to see what I'll come up with when I take some time to plan with them! 

Happy Nails everybody! ~ Kelly

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