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Hi! 😁 I'd like to share with you some items I was sent to review from, that I used to create this adorable spring blossom inspired look!💁 
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Macro Lens on the Samsung Galaxy S7, taken in a LED light box.  Nail Stickers and Flakes courtesy of

I am so excited!  I feel so flattered!  I was asked to review a few products by Victoria at!!!  She sent me adorable summery nail stickers and some Chameleon iridescent flakes!
The items as sent,  I love the personal touch with the post-it notes! 

I started with what I was most comfortable using, the nail stickers, I've used them a lot in the past and once I learned to stamp, shied away from them for a bit, so it was nice to use them again!  I forgot how quickly they add so much to a mani!  I chose the cherry blossoms as that is my very favourite bloom in the spring, and I was feeling pretty pink this day.  I use an orange stick or the edge of some tweezers to peel up the corner and place them where I want them on the nail.  They are really reasonably priced as well at $3.49 CAN, and the sheet does last quite a few manicures. 
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Everything needed for this mani:  Unt Peel Off Base Coat, Kbshimmer Caught on Tape, Polished for Days Metanoia, Born Pretty Gel Top Coat, NailStuff Chameleon Nail Flakes and nail stickers!

nail art stickers, nail decals, cherry blossoms, cute nailart
Polished For Days- Metanoia with cherry blossom stickers, accent finger is a base of Kbshimmer- Caught On Tape
My own liquid latex I call Sparkle Peel (it dries clear).
Now here is where I got a little uncomfortable, not with any of the products, but with my gel polish skills!  I have only ever used gel polish once when I borrowed a lamp and some polishes and flakes to try.  It was kind of a mess for my first attempt.  There were wrinkles, peeling, gel I had cured to my skin... but I guess doing it all wrong really helped me get it right this time!  Plus I had my trusty Unt Ready for Take Off Peel-able Base Coat ($12.99 also at, so if I did screw it up, it'd be easy to fix and try again!
I used the Born Pretty soak off Top Coat and the Sensationail LED lamp, one nail at a time, after the polish underneath was COMPLETELY dry (what I didn't do the first time).  And after the accent nail was cured, I added my liquid latex protection before diving in to the flakes.  Of course because I am ever so graceful I opened the pot and breathed directly into it and ended up sparkly for most of the day, but there are worse things right?!  I started by dabbing them onto the nail with an eye shadow applicator (which was provided in the flakes packaging), but didn't feel that was getting enough coverage (like I said, still learning here).  I then used the burnishing technique and used the applicator to rub the flakes onto the nail.  Not sure my technique does these beauties any justice, but man, are they pretty! 

flakies, chameleon flakies, iridescent flakies,
NailStuff Chameleon Flakes over Kbshimmer Caught on Tape

flakies, chameleon flakies, iridescent flakies,
NailStuff Chameleon Flakes over Kbshimmer Caught on Tape 
 The complete look was really cute and I am very sad that I tripped over some toys and fell into the shower knocking off half a peely on the pointer finger, (you know the graceful part of me), and wasn't able to wear it longer.  Although in the sun the accent finger was pretty distracting while driving! 😜
Nail art, nail stickers, nail flakies, chameleon flakies,
Flakes on accent finger are sandwiched between 2 layers of gel top coat. 

Nail art, nail stickers, nail flakies, chameleon flakies,
Taken with the Galaxy S7 in a LED light box.
Nail art, nail stickers, nail flakies, chameleon flakies,
In the sunlight of my french doors. 

Thank you again to Victoria from  for sending me these goodies to try!  I already have plans for those little hula gals on one of the other sticker pages you sent!  And thanks to all of you for taking time out of your day to ogle my nails and read this first review of what I'm hoping will be many more to come!  ~ Kelly

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