New Hair, New Glasses and Crappy Nails!

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Happy Spring Everybody!
Long time no post!  (Anita reminds me often of this fact.)  So here is a little update style post with whats going on with me this spring!

First and most exciting is my accidentally awesome hair right now!!!
bleached hair, haircut, fade, ombre, mermaid hair, blue hair, blonde
Seriously...the sun is shining out of my hair! 
I went to my hairdresser for a long overdue cut and decided to bleach it all out so that I could brighten up my blue.  But seeing it after the bleach, I decided to keep this look for a while!  It looks like a beach!  The blond roots really do compliment the faded blue green grown out at the ends!  The cut of course is my go to now, I can't stand having hair on the back of my neck so this shorter style that requires basically no upkeep or styling for me is perfect! Definitely a happy accident on the colour though.  Trying to decide on a name for the look... Oceanside ombre?  Seaside Fade?  Beach Blond? 
bleached hair, haircut, fade, ombre, mermaid hair, blue hair, blonde

bleached hair, haircut, fade, ombre, mermaid hair, blue hair, blonde

bleached hair, haircut, fade, ombre, mermaid hair, blue hair, blonde

Whatever it's called, I love it!  And it matches my new glasses!!

Every year I treat myself to some new glasses for my birthday in early April.  For years now I have been ordering them online from   I was of course leery of ordering glasses online without being able to try them on first.  Clearly however has a great return policy which allows you a 30 day window to return your glasses at no cost to you for a full refund if they don't work out.  That actually happened with the first glasses I ordered this year, they ended up being too large on my face and returning them for these new ones that are perfect was easy!  Their customer service reps will even help you find a pair that will work better for you.  
When I order I use the MyFit feature that allows you to enter your current glasses measurements and then filters those that would not fit your face out for you.  (the only measurement that is not included in the parameters is lens height so if you are like me and need to check that number or end up having glasses that rest on your cheeks, you will have to double check each pair you're interested in, in the measurement section).  
glasses, measurements, website, online glasses

glasses, measurements, website, online glasses
Clearly usually has some sort of promotion, for these I ordered during their St Paddy's Day sale and got buy one get one free plus forty percent off my lenses.  The lens discount is where I save the most as I require thinner lenses due to the strength of my prescription.  The prescription is easy to enter and can be saved in your profile along with others for future orders as well.  They have affordable frames for every budget as well as designer frames.  The two I chose with my upgraded lenses came to $131.00 CAN.  For TWO PAIRS!  If you wear glasses daily for everything like me, that price is amazing!  As an added bonus they also come with all the protective coatings.  With a 5 year old and going to the gym, and being generally clumsy, being able to afford to replace my glasses often is a definite necessity! 

glasses, clearly, online glasses, free glasses
This was my second pair! 

Clearly, new hair, office, nail desk, computer
Me at the 'office'. 

And now, for the traitors... my nails.
short nails, ridged nails, broken nails, chipped and peeling nails
My current chipping, breaking, peeling mess.

It has been a really rough winter on these poor puppies!  I had a little bit of growth and recovery over the holidays while I was away from the gym but since getting back at it in January, have been dealing with a constant string of breaks.  I am also getting a lot of peeling along the ridges (I've always had ridgy nails and usually use a good ridge filling basecoat like Kbshimmer Fillin Groovy under most of my manis).  
I am trying a few things to see if I can get at least a couple of millimetres of free edge to work with.  First, as always, is always keeping them hydrated with my go to cuticle oils and butters from Cuter Cuticles.  (The new spring scent Key Lime Pie is heavenly!!!)  I have also started taking Natures Bounty Hair Skin and Nails gummy vitamins as my new clean eating diet could also be missing out on some needed nutrients.  I have also been trying to keep my nails polished all the time to hopefully protect them from more breaks. I am hoping to see some improvement by late spring!  

Until then here is a couple of cute spring/easter manis I did today on my very short nails! 
chocolate universe, short nails, nail art, stamping nail art, stars, Tonic polish, Taking on Toronto, Indie Expo Canada
Just a bunny in a chocolate universe. 

short nails, nail art, stamping nail art, flowers, Tonic polish, Promise of Spring,
Some reverse stamping spring flowers.

Well that's all for me for now, I hope all of your Easters are HOPPY! ~ Kelly

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