6 Week Challenge Results! 20.8lbs GONE!

My full body after photos were not great, taken at a bad angle and when I was really sick with the flu so I prefer not to share those with everyone.  But here you can really see the difference in my face!
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The day before the challenge started on the left, after one of the last workouts on the right. 

 It was a great experience all around.  I mean, I actually LOVE going to the gym... I'm also still following the clean eating like 85% of the time!  I know it sounds cliche but it was another life changing experience for me.  I feel better all around, less gassy and uncomfortable after eating, I'm able to do so much more than I could just a couple of months ago, I can see the difference in how my clothes fit!  I lost 20.8 lbs during the 6 weeks of the challenge but gained so so much more!  Heck I can now flip a gigantic tractor tire all by myself! (I thought that looked so easy until I tried it myself for the first time and couldn't even get the darn thing off the floor!)  I've also lost more in the weeks since the challenge ended, even with Christmas in the mix!

I have a better understanding of what my body needs to function the way I'd like it to.  By watching everything I ate for that period of time I also found quite a few things that have probably been causing a lot of my digestive issues for years.  Dairy, I thought I'd be in agony without my cheese and milk.... turns out those were probably causing it instead.  And the gluten...goodness did I love all things bread before this, but now I see that it really was making me bloated and sluggish, because without it I feel the opposite!  I've always been a big fan of drinking water, but I had no idea how much we really need to aid in our weight loss, now I tote my Bubba Flo water bottle around everywhere I go!  And flax...man am I ever allergic to flax!  Being diligent and selective about what I consumed was such an eye opener on so many levels.  All those processed foods I loved so much seem almost gross to me now.  (although I still get a hunkering for junk once in a while)

I did not cut out all the things I loved, I found a new way to make them or something similar thanks to our 6 Week Challenge Facebook support group and good old google!  I found a plethora of clean eating recipes and a lot of the ones I tried are my new go to's like this delicious Peanut Butter Cup one from Fit Foodie Finds.  I also found a lot of great muffin recipes on The Big Mans World.  I still eat desserts, I have snacks, they're just a little better for me now!  I also recently fell in love with Starbucks Sous Vide eggs and found a recipe to make them at home healthier and without a fancy machine! (Sous Vide Recipe I use ---Sous Vide Egg Bites, I substitute goats milk for the feta)  It forced me to get creative and try new things, although at Christmas I was craving gingerbread and finding a good clean eating version of that to make into an actual roll out dough got me pretty frustrated especially when using super expensive almond flour!

That was one thing I struggled with.  The cost of these new and better foods.  I spent $70 in one weeks trip to the Bulk Barn and almost had a heart attack at the checkout!  And of course my husband and son want nothing to do with my new diet.  Even though I've tricked them into trying a few things and they admit they like them, there was a lot they won't even try.  So we are a family who now makes 3 separate dinners.  Which is fine, a bit of a pain, but not the end of the world.

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I am in no way finished this journey yet, so I took a large portion of the money that I got back and used it towards a membership at the gym so I can continue these amazingly fun and challenging workouts!  Every trainer and support staff is amazing, the other members are so supportive of each other, people posing and flexing in the mirrors is rare (although nothing wrong with that, it's just not my thing).   If you happen to be in the Niagara Region I highly recommend GFN GO FITNESS NIAGARA, your first workout is free and I think you'll love it there!  Even if you're not local, the program I completed is also available online with at home workouts and nutritional guidance.  Josh (mrgofitness) offers a 30 Days Stronger and 7 Day System also.  Check them out on Facebook as well or message for more information!  Seriously if you've been on the fence about kicking your ass into gear...this IS the place to start!  And tell Josh I send ya! 😉  If you do, I wish you all the best on your own journeys to discover a healthier you! 😘

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2 Week Results

health, go fitness niagara, gfn, clean eating, gym, fitfam
4 Week Results and a goofy teapot pose! 

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