Favorite Polish Discoveries of 2017

2017... wow. Gone, just like that.  Seems time is flying these days. 
bye 2017, hello 2018, new year,
Happy New Year! 

First and foremost before I begin my favorite polish related discoveries I have to thank Anita for the invitation to join her awesome blog!  I have been her plus one to many events but never thought I would ever be writing here myself!  It's been fun, and I've gotten so much support, so thank you for that, and thank you for taking time out of your day to read what I have to say!

Now, I'd love to share some of the amazing polish related discoveries I made over the last year, including events, groups and brands!  The first of course and probably my very favorite event of the whole year is Indie Expo Canada!!!!  The event is held in Toronto, Ontario in June and 2017 was the very first one ever!  I attended of course with Anita (as my plus one this time 😉) as a VIP.  I purchased the VIP ticket so that we could have early entry (first crack at all the pretties) and so that I also received the VIP bag packed with exclusives and goodies from most of the makers that attended!  I saved up quite a wallet full and it still seemed to run out quickly as there were so many beautiful polishes at every booth.  Here is what I came home with, the purchases, a gift from a fellow polish-aholic (luv ya Trish!) and what was in the VIP bag all laid out to show my haul!
indie expo, polish, indie polish
Indie Expo Canada 2017 Haul
We met so many amazing small business owners and fellow indie polish enthusiasts!  After the whirlwind of shopping, I was after all on a mission for a few of the polishes, we went around again to talk to the polish makers and other beauty business owners that attended.  (Oh and when we took a lunch break we also discovered the Chicken Waffle Burger at Wayne Gretzky's! mmmmm )  There were workshops, tutorials and even a talk where some of the makers and bloggers shared their tips and experiences with us!   If you get the chance I highly recommend checking this event out! 
colors by llarowe, polish,
Leanne of Colors By Llarowe was one of those lovely business owners we got to meet and speak with after her presentation!
This is Worn Out Running Shoes by Colors by Llarowe

Next are the groups!  I am currently obsessed with the Polish Pick Up!  This is a site where the first weekend of every month Indie Makers come together to make polishes according to a theme that is voted for during a previous months sales window.  The makers then choose a photo for inspiration based on the chosen theme.  The best part?  $3 shipping, to Canada and the US, no matter how many you order!  If any of you order your Indie Polishes online... you'll understand how exciting that is!  The brands that participate do differ slightly from month to month, but chances are if you have a favorite, they have or will be one of them!  The only downside is the wait, there is an almost 3 week period between your order and the shipping notice.  Each polish is an exclusive to the Polish Pick Up, and some even have limited quantities so it's always good to get your order in early!  If you want to know more, join the Facebook group, Polish Pick Up Pack, so you can be a part of the fun!  Here are a couple of my favorite finds from the Polish Pick Up so far! 
fair maiden polish, bluebird lacquer, falcor, polish pick up, flakies
Polish Pick Up: Fair Maiden- Luck Dragon (inspired by The Neverending Story's Falcor)
Also shown: Bluebird Lacquer - Pawsatively Meowgnificant (inspired by a rainbow kitten)

pining for fall, fall, polish,
Night Owl Lacquer- Pining For Fall

Before attending the Indie Expo I also became aware of and joined a lot of Facebook Polish Fan groups.  There are groups for specific types of polishes like the Fantasmic Flakies group, Multichrome Madness, Grey Nail Polish Fanatics and Crazy For Crellies.  These groups often have guest makers who make group exclusive polishes, and if you have a specific style of polish you love, you'll be the first to know when new ones come out!  That is also true in the Indie Brand specific fan groups.  Chances are if you have a favorite Indie Brand, you're not alone and someone has probably created a fan group for them.  Many of them tease you with hints and sneak peeks of upcoming releases and collections! (that is my favorite part...being in the know!)

As for some of the brands I am thankful to have found this past year....

Ever After Polish  are wizards with flakies!  This was one of those polishes I meant when I was madly running into the Indie Expo to grab the polishes on my lust list!  My very first Ever After was Mother of Dragons.
mother of dragons, polish, nails, pretty, flakies
Ever After- Mother of Dragons with Tonic- Dragon Tears as an accent
Of course after falling in love with Mother of Dragons and its magical flaky beauty, I bought many more and even found a retired polish I had to have because of the name (and my love for a good grey polish).

steel magnolias, grey polish, short nails, pretty polish
Ever After- Steel Magnolias
Tonic Polish was the next new to me brand I was dashing for at the Indie Expo!  I had actually googled swatches of the brands that were attending and had a map and detailed shopping list before I even got there! (I mayyyy have OCD)   And as an added bonus, I'm writing this just in time to let you know that Tonic is having a sale starting this Sunday, January 21st!  So if they'd be new to you, definitely check that out this weekend!  I picked up Dragon Tears as my must have, and also added a few others to my collection since then. 
dragon tears, multichrome, holo, shifty, polish, nails
Tonic - Dragon Tears

I bought my first Girly Bits polish just before the Expo, knowing that Pam was the one organizing the event, I figured I should at least try her brand before going!  Her site carries many of the brands that were at the Indie Expo, as well as other supplies like powders, stamping and nail art tools, and even polish making supplies!  The very first Girly Bits Polish I ordered was Robin Me Blind, the April 2017 Color of the Month (my birth month also).  And as the others I have added many more since! 
robin me blind, polish
Girly Bits- Robin Me Blind

Not all of my brand discoveries happened at the Indie Expo though, some I just saw a swatch on instagram and fell in love! Like these Heather's Hues!  Her multichrome collection You've Got To Be Shiftin Me 1 (there is a 2 and a re-release that came with 2 others that Anita reviewed!) is just gorgeous! 
shifty, multichrome, collection, polish
Heathers Hues

I fell in love with Bliss Polish and their super pigmented creme formulas! 
bliss polish, nails, polish, rainbow
Bliss Polish Cremes

And Twinkled T introduced stamping polishes! 
twinkled t, stamping, polish, nails,
Twinkled T Stamping Polish
There really were almost too many to list here!
polish, nail polish, nails
Sassy Pants Polish
Beautiful polishes and stellar customer service!

jelly donuts, nails, polish
Comet Vomit Polish
Truly unique creations from an amazing lady whose social media game is strong!

son of a gun, polish, nails
Beyond the Nail
Two sisters who make pretty polish and really fun vinyls!

FUN Lacquer
Oh the sparkle and shift in these polishes!!!!

And that's still not even all of them!!!!  I discovered Indie Polish at the tail end of 2016, and 2017 was the year I completely converted!  You really can't beat the quality and diversity you find while supporting small businesses mostly run by women!  It really is an all around win in my books.  Indie Expo Canada was definitely the catalyst that threw me in to a whole new world of polish and a whole new nail community and I couldn't be happier that it did! 

I hope you have all had a great start to 2018, and I hope it only gets better!  Also for any wondering, I did rock that challenge and hope to post soon regarding the final weigh in results! 
~ Kelly

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  1. Sounds like you had a great polish year! Hope 2018 will be just as good :)