Go Fitness Niagara 6 Week Challenge

My nails are taking a slight backseat to my health right now.  I signed up for a 6 week program with Go Fitness Niagara!  It was the first time I have set foot in a gym, and although scary at first, I am so very glad I did! In the first 2 weeks of the program (clean eating and exercise), I lost 9 pounds! 9 POUNDS!!!! 
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I also have to admit... the Tiger called to my cat lady self! 😏

Go Fitness Niagara is a different sort of gym, and I had heard from a few friends and acquaintances that it is a great place with great people, so when I saw the 6 Week Challenge advertised on Facebook, I threw caution to the wind and signed up! 
There was a catch of course to the 'Lose 20lbs or 6% bodyfat FREE'... a fair sum of money.
But instead of walking away with a defeatist attitude, I decided to invest in myself!
Let me tell you, I don't regret spending a penny!  I got access to both the 7 Day and 30 Day Systems, have access to 3 or more specially designed workouts for the challengers, plus all the regularly scheduled Bootcamp workouts.  An easy to follow clean eating diet (that first couple of days after kicking sugar were a bit rough but I feel so much better now!), and access to online workouts you can do anywhere!  There is also a Facebook Group to go to for help and support throughout the journey!
In just 2 of the 6 weeks, I am almost halfway to getting that investment back too!

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The best part is that the programs are available to do from home, anywhere in the world!  You can purchase the 7 Day or 30 Day programs and get access to the clean eating plans and workouts easily done anywhere you can use your phone or tablet or computer!  Best of all they can be modified to cater to any fitness level (mine was basically 0 when I started).

I have tried so many exercises I never though I could ever do, and some I even LIKE!  I am pushing myself every session to do a little more.  I have a goal of course, my husband and I would like to have a sibling for our son, but I strongly suspect the 30 or so pounds I gained with my pregnancy are standing in our way to some degree.  I also have Type 2 diabetes (11 years now) and am 41.  So if I can get off some extra weight it will only lessen the chances of complications. I have suffered 2 losses in the past and want to give growing our family by one the best possible chance I can.

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Here is where I started and I can't wait to share the end results with you in a few weeks!  The challenge ends on the 22nd, just in time for me to have a few treats at Christmas!  I really do see me continuing on with this new clean eating though, it really does make a big difference in how your body feels and performs! 

I can't recommend enough, taking a chance and investing in yourself, it feels great.  GFN and it's programs are an amazing place to start! 


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