The Twinkled T Glamour Mat

Have you ever wondered what nail art mat is best for you? Well here I will tell you about the Glamour Mat available from Twinkled T!
I have had a nail art mat for over a year already, and I find them very handy.  I was impressed with some of the unique features included on the Twinkled T Glamour Mat version when it was first introduced but didn't grab it right away because I didn't need 2.  Well I recently decided I did indeed need this one as well! 😉😏
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My new Glamour Mat!

The first thing that caught my attention when it came onto the market was the attached accordion cup in the upper right corner that can be used for watermarbling, your clean up acetone or simply holding supplies.   I used it here for a complete fail at a watermarble!  (My son is testing the water temp.)
Protected with liquid latex!

Ugh, clearly lost my mojo here.... 

Tadaaa I guess. 

I also like all the areas you can use to test design ideas and stamping images over both black and white as well as a few colors.

I found that this mat is a thicker more sturdy mat than those that first hit the market, and I really love the upper left corner that has indented circles the perfect size to hold small amounts of polish or acrylic paints to mix colors or use detail brushes and dotting tools with.
The tiny palette on the top left.

The Twinkled T Glamour Mat makes a great work surface for all your nail design needs and offers some unique extras not available on others.  I am glad I treated myself to a second mat and see myself using this one often! 

 ~ Kelly

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  1. I do agree that this nail art mat is awesome and find the attached marbling cup to be so handy! This one definitely trumps all my other nail art mats as it’s always on my desk - such a handy accessory to have for fellow Polish Addicts!