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Hey guys! I am super excited to be showing you what came in Octobers PMS package! So let's jump right into it!
The PMS Package
The PMS Package
So if you're unfamiliar with The PMS Package, please allow me to inform you. The PMS Package, is a brilliant service that allows you to pick either a premium or original box, full of items the that'll help you get through you time of the month. Also unlike most or possible all other subscription services, you can customize when you get the package, that way it's synced up with your cycle. Also you can pick a plan, prepay for various amounts ahead & save some moola.

Premium Box - $34.99 USD  per month - 8-11 unique craving, comfort, and feminine care products in every box About $20 extra retail value over the original for just $5 more! As well as FREE SHIPPING.
In the 
Original Box - $29.99 USD per month. - At least 7 unique craving, comfort, and feminine care products in every box

1. We have, was right on top, they're sample packs of Midol. Which is a fantastic product that seriously helps me with my craps considering they are horrible in the beginning.

1. Chocolate chip cookies. Personally I'm not really a fan of chocolate chip cookies, but my kids loved em.

3. Feminine wipes, which always come in handy for certain reasons. No explanation required.

4. Milk Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, which were really good. Believe it or not I actually managed to have one before my husband ate the other two.

5. Mandys Confections Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins. THESE are ABSOLUTELY scrumptious! I hid these so no one else got em, & I ate them all.

6. Simple Living Cinnamon Spice Cookies candle, this smells so good. My son is a bit crazy, so I rarely actually use candles, however I love them.

7. Opaline Orange Body Butter, is a fantastic body butter. It's great for applying right after a bath/shower or right before bed.

8. U by Kotex Travel Pak! Which is will always come in handy. I personally like putting this kind of stuff in a pouch in my bag.

9. MenstruHeat heat patches. As I've already said, I get pretty bad cramps so I actually already own an electric heating pad, however this will be perfect for if I have a busy day & still have awful craps or if I sleep at my bestfriends house.

10. Choco-rocks are something that I've never actually had before, I'd had a gum version but that's it. They're actually pretty good, great for when you only want a bit of chocolate.

 11 & 12 is a pen & notebook. I actually really like this pen, it's super boss. It's a bright pink with a huge clear diamond-like gem held on by gold metallic talons or whatever they're actually called.
The notebook is also super nice because the front & back aren't tough they're like a bendable foam.

So yea that is actually everything that came in Octobers PMS Package. I hope you all enjoyed checking out this post & seeing what they included in this months box, because I enjoyed them! I thoroughly recommend checking out this subscription service. It's a fantastic way to treat yourself when you need it the most. 

Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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  1. Fun box and great cause lol - us girls need all the help we can get every month!