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Hey guys! Today I'll be sharing this twisted vines, skulls & roses manicure. So let's jump right into! 
Twisted Vines, Skulls & Roses Manicure
Twisted Vines, Skulls & Roses Manicure

First step I did was applying a base coat, which was the Unt Ready For Take Off base coat. I change my manicures fairly often so it works great because my nail beds are so oily, my manicures usually pop off in 24 hours. It's also awesome because then I don't even need to use acetone on my nail beds.
Chanel -  657 Azure
Chanel -  657 Azure

After my base coat dried I applied two coats of 657 Azure from Chanel. It's a gorgeous duo chrome that shifts from medium blue that's more on the green side to a gorgeous deep blue.
Lina Nail Art Supplies - Spooklicious! 01
Lina Nail Art Supplies - Spooklicious! 01

Once those two coats were fully dry using a holographic black stamping polish. I used the Lina Nail Art Supplies Spooklicious! 01 stamping plate. The images I used from that plate are the skull & roses image from the top left, & the twisted vines near top right.
Matte Twisted Vines, Skulls & Roses
Matte Twisted Vines, Skulls & Roses
I loved it glossy, however I really felt compelled to add a matte top coat. & I absolutely love the results. Due the the dulling effects of the matte top coat, you can't see the holographic particles in the stamping polish as well as see the shift of the base colour.

I absolutely love the quality of the Lina stamping plates, they're gorgeous. Highly recommend them!

Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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