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I met my bestie when my son was just shy of 1 year old, through a local moms group.  She was giving away a spice rack that I happened to need, I brought her homemade Nutella brownies as a thank you and the rest is well, pretty entertaining because we are awesome! 
nail addict
 We hit it off from the moment we met, I started offering her rides to do pick-ups of items she needed from that group, and she would ‘pay’ me with nail polish.  I was so curious about what she did to get all this free nail polish, and that is when she introduced me to a new world of Nail Art.   At first I was so confused as to how this was even a thing… but the more I googled, the more obsessed I got!  There were so many beautiful polishes…so many talented artists, and I was so interested in how they did what they did.  Anita took me under her wing and introduced me to her world, explaining the lingo, showing me the techniques used to achieve certain looks. 
My collection started with a few Sally Hansens.  I tried my hand at some very basic hand painted nail art using a small brush and some dotting tools.  Almost all of which were from Anita.  I could not believe how calm I felt while doing my nails, it became my ‘me time’ after my son had gone to bed for the night.  I would take an hour and concentrate on these sad little nubbins.  Not long after meeting Anita, my niece took me to get acrylics for my birthday and I got even more adventurous with the nail art I tried, even watermarbling!  I regretted getting the acrylics because of what they did to my natural nail and it took months for them to recover but with some more helpful bestie advice, I was soon proud of my healthy albeit short nails. 
April 2014

From Sally Hansen, I quickly was turned on to China Glaze and OPI, and soon my polish collection was over 100 strong.  From there, well I imagine a lot of you can relate…it seemed to multiply and branch out to new brands daily!  I was introduced to a world of destashes and Facebook nail groups, buy and sell groups, and oh the online nail shops!  We decided to start our own local nail group to share our obsession with others and as a way to weed through our collections as we acquired new pretties!  I fell out of love with China Glaze and became strictly an OPI gal.  Then there was Zoya, the first of the ‘#free’ introduced to me… and then I purchased my first INDIE polish.
It was a gorgeous Game Of Thrones inspired glitter by CANVAS Lacquer (based in TO) called High Garden.  I was so impressed that these were women making polish in their homes, using high quality ingredients, and pouring their love for polish into every bottle.  At first, I was hesitant to dive into the Indie world because of the prices.  I had only dipped my toes in and it would be some time before I purchased another.   High Garden was an ‘I have to have it’, and OPI was still my go to.   As months went by though, I followed more and more Indie makers on social media, admiring the unique and beautiful creations they had.  One such creation sparked my current Indie craze.  It was a bottle of Unobtanium by Powder Perfect, an Australian company.  I reached out over social media because I could not find it for purchase anywhere and almost immediately contacted by Powder Perfect with a suggestion of a seller in the States who may have a bottle available.  I was shocked at how helpful and accommodating all involved were for a perfect stranger!  A week later, I had that bottle in my hand and there was no turning back, I was an Indie convert!
Powder Perfect
March 2016

It has been at least a year since that first taste of amazing customer appreciation and service, and I have since destashed 90% of my mainstream polishes and replaced them with Indie alternatives.  I have even traded in my go to nail strengthener from OPI to one from Kbshimmer.  In early summer 2017, Anita and I attended Indie Expo Canada in Toronto and were so impressed by everyone we met there.  Being able to meet the makers and shop their products in person was such a great experience.  I definitely prefer to spend my money on a high quality, often-unique product, made by passionate people who have a great story to tell.   
Superchic Lacquer Awkward Turtle
August 2017

So I’m Kelly, Anita’s bestie and Indie obsessed nail addict.  She has asked me to join her blog as a second author and share my Indie obsession with all of you and I am happy and honored to do so.  You can find me also on the Instgrams as if you would like to check out some of my short nail designs.   I am still new to actually posting on a blog so I thank you in advance for your patience as I learn the ropes!  Until next time, Happy Polishing!

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