BornPrettyStore | Witch & Wizardry stamping plate

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Hey guys! Not sure if any of my new readers know, but I absolutely love all things magic & mystically, so when I seen that BornPrettyStore had this stamping plate I absolutely needed to have it. 
BornPrettyStore | Witch & Wizardry stamping plate
So for this manicure I used a purple polish that had duo chrome shimmer in it. Then on my thumb, pointer & pinky finger, then I used the cauldron on my ring finger then I stamp the bubbly bits at the top of the cauldron on my middle finger. 
Purple & Green manicure
The magic theme stamping plate is fantastic, it has a lot of designs you can use to do more of a "expert" stamping which is where you colour in the designs before you even stamp them on. I absolutely love the quality of the BornPrettyStore stamping plates. They always have nice deep etching, & clean lines. They're also extremely affordable. 

So if you're looking this stamping plate its listed as "1Pc 春の歌 Stamping Plate Magic Tarot Hat Cat 5.5cm Round Manicure Nail Art Plate Harunouta-33" which is currently available for $1.59 however it usually retails for $2.99

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Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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