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I absolutely love anything shiny & jewelry is no exception. 
The piece of jewelry I was sent to review is a gorgeous key necklace.  The necklace is made out of sterling silver & swarovski crystals. The chain is extremely well made, but looks so delicate & dainty. The chain itself is 60cm long & is rather unique. I love it because towards the end there's a medium sized & then roughly 2-3 cm down there's another another medium sized link. The wonderful thing about these is it allows you to clasp it onto the first one & leave you a little tail or the last one & have one large circle. If that makes sense.

Clear swarovski crystals form the key design & then is hugged by exceptional sterling silver & then in the center of the key lies a gorgeously eye catching, piercing blue crystal that is just absolutely stunning.

The quality of it all is absolutely marvelous, everythings so shiny ! Ooooooooh Shiny.   

One of the best things about the company is that when you place an order, if it happens to be a gift for someone it comes with all the perfect packaging for presenting your gift to the special someone. It comes with a Glamulet gift bag, polishing cloth, & gift box with a pillow as well. Then the jewelry itself comes individually packaged that way they're not rubbing against each other while in transit.

This company is kind of comparable to Pandora as they both provide you with superior quality products that are unique however instead of diamonds & gold, Glamulet offers sterling silver & swarovski crystals. It's perfect for someone kind me who loves shiny things but won't go broke to get them. Glamulet allows me to feed my need for shiny things without breaking the bank, which is something that I'm always thankful for.

I would seriously recommend check out their website. They'res lots & lots of beautifully shiny things that'll catch your attention, & everything makes for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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