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Hey guys! I am obsessed with nail art stampers, I currently have about 10 different ones so far... with two more on the way. 
So far this is one of my favourite stampers. It looks fancy & is gorgeous. It's not as big as the picture makes it look, but it is a good size & fits most round stamp pads, so you can easily switch it out with your favourite squishy pad or favourite coloured pad.  This stamper comes in two colours, gold & silver.
The best part of this stamper is how perfectly well it fits my hand. It's like it was made for my hand, my fingers grip it perfectly & I don't even really need to squeeze it. Also another super fantastic part is that the bottom where the pad sits is solid & flat so the pad stays put. 

The pad it comes with works really well! Its an extremely fantastic purchase if you're looking for a stamper or are obsessed with stampers like I am, I would highly recommend checking out the "1Pc Round Head Stamping Nail Art Stamper Practical Nail Art Stamper" on

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