Moyou London Manicures!! (Pro XL 02 & Explorer 26)

Press Samples

I cannot believe how much I am falling in love with stampicures! If you haven't tried it, ya gotta!
Moyou London
The first plate I'm going to share with you is from the Pro Collection XL 02. There's a lot of fun designs you can create a lot of gorgeous manicures. My absolutely favourite design is the fabric design. I don't know why but hope they come out with an entire plate full of different fabric designs.
 Pro Collection XL 02
 Pro Collection XL 02
 When using the design I wanted to do something super duper bright & summer welcoming! So I used a bright cream neon pink & on top I used a bright cream neon green! I'm not exactly sure why These two colours don't allow you to look to long at this manicure or design but it's gorgeous, Seriously tho don't look at it too long it'll bother your eyes.

The second plate is from the Explorer collection & it's plate 26. This plate is fantastic & screams "Create tribal manicures with me!! Use lots of fun colours!! Gradients! Gradients!"
 Exploration collection 26
 Explorer collection 26
Then this design popped in my mind! & Instantly it was like "YASSS !!! Betch! Yasss!" I love everything about this manicure & the stamping made it absolutely perfect!

These plates are fantastic quality. The lines are clean & just make it so much easier to work with. All the plates have clean & intricate designs. I absolutely adore how the company Moyou London presents itself. Which means they take pride in their products. They make good quality products, provide/sell items to maintain the fantastic quality such as including the thick paper sleeve for storing them, or the all plastic scrapers because the metal ones scratch the plates. All plates also have acrylic backs to not only sure there's not just a metal free edge as well as to add extra support, to keep the plate from bending.

I would highly recommend checking out their website, you might find a couple plates you likes or a ton of plates you like. They make it super easy to get sucked into the wonderful world of stamping!

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