Lady Queen - 3D Desserts

Press Sample

Hey guys I absolutely love kawaii japanese nail art! So when I seen these an the Lady Queen website, I had to have them!
Polishes used:
Wet 'n' Wild - Puttin' On Airs
OPI - Mod About You
Morgan Taylor - Escar-Go To France

When I got these in the mail I was completely smitten with them. They're the "3D Nail Art Decoration Cake Icecream Nail Wheel Mixed Nail Art Tips Glitters Rhinestones" on They're absolutely kawaii! The colours are partially realistic but then on others they're just so playful!

I needed these because I love all things cute but I only do nail art on my natural nails. & evidently, I live in an apartment where the key to the front door & the key to my door are the same brand & look almost identical so I had to make them a like but different & these we're perfect for doing that.

I absolutely loved how my keys & my nails turned out! They're extremely kawaii & extremely playful! I would highly recommend these to anyone to likes japanese type nail art or loves to bling/decorate items in a cute & playful way!

They're available on for $5.99 or currently on sale for $4.79

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