fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ | Intimate Edition

Press Release

Britney Spears Reveals Her Most Sensual Side Yet, Introducing fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ Intimate Edition
In   June   2015, multi-platinum,   Grammy-winning artist   and   global   icon Britney   Spears Introduces Fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS Intimate  Edition, a sensual and romantic scent,revealing a side of her only seen when the curtains close and the spotlights dim.

The success of Britney’s 17-year career can be measured by the release of 15 albums, over 40 chart-topping singles, six headlining tours, a hit Las Vegas residency and a billion dollar fragrance franchise. She captivates audiences with unforgettable performances, but what her fans crave is an exclusive look at the woman behind the hit records and sold out shows –the intimate Britney.

In  2004,  Britney Spears  added  perfumer  to  her  ever-growing  résumé,  eventually  creating the iconic fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™. An instant classic, fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ captured Britney’s playful and sexy persona, and has remained a best-selling  scent  for  10  years.  A decade later,  Britney  is  ready  to  give  fans  a  glimpse  of  her  sultry  side  with  her  latest fragrance, fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS Intimate Edition.

Similar  to The  Intimate  Britney  Spears,  her  debut sleepwear collection,  this  fragrance  is sensual and elegant. It’s meant  to  make  every  woman  feel  confident  and  beautiful  in whatever  she  wears, inspiring  them to  share  their  most  intimate  secrets,  memories  and fantasies.

The Fragrance

A  romantic  fragrance  of  seduction  where  sensual  florals  and  sweet  notes  delicately embrace the skin, ready for your intimate fantasy to begin.A  mix  of  juicy  lychee,  violet  leaves  and  a  touch  of  Italian  lemon  exudes  sensual  fun. A seductive interplay wraps around the heart of muguet, delicate jasmine and brown sugar, giving  in  to  your  most secret  desires.Dreams  become  reality  as  vanilla,  heliotrope  and white musk dance in the background.

The Packaging
The fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS Intimate Edition Packaging reveals a beautiful interpretation of  the sleepwear collection. The  white  bottle is adorned  with  a  rose gold  collar  and pink crystals,while   the   packaging   features whimsical   lace   accents, adding a   touch   of romance.

The Product
The fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ Intimate Edition
Eau de Parfum 50mL$39.00

Exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart & will be available in July 2015

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