Lumina Lacquer - IntensePolishTherapy Indie Interview (I.I.I)

IntensePolishTherapy Indie Interview (I.I.I)  #11
Questions are BOLD & the creators response will be in the regular font.

Today I will be interviewing Tatiana from Lumina Lacquer. So if you're interested in finding out more about this creator, just keep reading!
Please tell me a bit yourself (not your polish brand just you).
I'm a California native that loves music, traveling, and of course polish! I used to blog about polish before I started Lumina and I definitely want to get back to that this year.

What is your nail polish brand name?
Lumina Lacquer

What inspired you to name your brand that?
I was looking for something that was about luminosity and light.

What year did you start your brand?
I begin early in 2012, but didn't open shop until July of that year.

Do you remember the name of the first polish you made &/or sold?
We Rule The Night

Out of all the the polishes you've made, can you tell me your favourite 3?
Farplane, Prismatic, and for the third its a tie between Social Meteor and God of Wine

What are your 3 top sellers of all times?
Farplane, Prismatic, and Maleficent

When making a polish, do you create with inspirations or just start adding by random.
It varies - sometimes I come up with a theme or name first. But usually I have a song or art that inspires me to create something specific. For my last collection, A Spring Space Odyssey, I choose the theme first and the polishes just created themselves. Literally, it took me only a couple of minutes to come up with all of the color combos.

Do you ship internationally?

Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know?
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)

Also could you please link me your website as well as all of the social media sites you use.

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