Simple Elegance by Bre - IntensePolishTherapy Indie Interview (I.I.I)

IntensePolishTherapy Indie Interview (I.I.I)  #2
Questions are BOLD & the creators response will be in the regular font. 

Hey guys! Today I am very happy to be interviewing Breanne who is the creator of Simple Elegance by Bre. 
Internet meet Breanne. (=

Please tell me a bit yourself (not your polish brand just you)
My name is Breanne, and I am 23 years old. I originated from Southern Ontario, but moved out West to Alberta with my family over ten years ago. Though I do miss the sights, the lakes and truth be told, the heat of Ontario, it's been a nice change see new things, and to have a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains from my balcony is simply breathtaking. I have a loving boyfriend who is also a bit of a goofball hehe, and we have been together for nearly 9 years now. We have one fur baby in our family, who's name is Shadow and she sure is one quirky kitty. I love to spend my free time away from work and working on my home business outside, whether it's sitting around a bonfire, going for a hike or enjoying all that my city has to offer, there is nothing else I would rather do. 

What is your nail polish brand name?
My brand name for my Polishes and Polish Jewelry are, Simple Elegance by Bre. 

What inspired you to name your brand that?
I mulled over my product name for quite some time, I knew that my sole intention of starting up my business was to sell nail polish, and nail polish products. I wanted my name to be something simple, yet elegant, but also one that could be interpreted in a general fashion, to cover a broad selection of goodies. When I thought about what I wanted my brand to represent, the answer was right in front of me the whole time, thus Simple Elegance by Bre was born and I've been loving the experience ever since. 

What year did you start your brand?
I finally got Simple Elegance by Bre up and running, this year (2014) in March, though I had begun preparing and setting up for nearly four months prior to it's launch. Since opening I have been passionate and eager to get as much of the items I love to create, out there for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Do you remember the name of the first polish you made &/or sold?
The first polish I made was one that I had envisioned for a long time before getting all of my supplies sorted out to make it, "Peacock Parade" is a lovely glitter polish with tones of green, turquoise and blues. 

Out of all the the polishes you've made, can you tell me your favourite 3?
My favourite three Polishes from my own creations would be: 
"Halo in Red" - From my Holographic Nail Polishes collection, I love the intense sparkle, and red is my favourite colour.
"Dusk Rose" - One of my newer polishes, it is a solid and deep hue of pink/red, and I can't stop staring at it. 
"Glinda" - From my 'Wizard of Oz' inspired collection, it's a custom pink shimmery glitter mix that dazzles. 

What are your 3 top sellers of all times?
Since I am still fairly new to the Indie Polish community, I haven't sold as many polishes or jewelry as I would have liked to, but the ones that have had the most interest are:
"Venom" - A bright green/yellow duo chrome polish.
"Cruella" - A mix of black and white glitters of varying shapes and sizes.
"Ruby Red" - Another polish from my 'Wizard of Oz' collection, inspired by Dorthy's 'Ruby Red Slippers'. 

When making a polish, do you create with inspirations or just start
adding by random?
To be honest, it depends on my mood when I sit down to begin creating. Some times I will have an idea strike me from something I see, or just out of the blue, and I quickly try to make note of it to use later. Other times I sit down, take a look at what I have material wise, and begin pairing, mixing and matching before finally selecting what I want to use.

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, I currently ship within Canada, and the United States. But as interest begins coming from across seas, I have been thinking about expanding my shipping range. 

Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know?
Although I am still fairly new to Indie Polish making, I love what I do, and want to share what I create with others who also have a passion for nail polish, or beautiful jewelery. The items I sell are made with passion and drive, as I continue to develop my skills and learn new things all the time.

I do also do take custom orders for those who are looking for something a little more unique and tailored to their tastes. Whether they are trying to match their polish, or jewelry to an outfit for an event or just want something that is sure to gain some compliments. Don't hesitate to inquire, I love to create smiles :D


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