Bella Belle - IntensePolishTherapy Indie Interview (I.I.I)

IntensePolishTherapy Indie Interview (I.I.I)  #7
Questions are BOLD & the creators response will be in the regular font. 

Hey guys! Today I will be interviewing Vicky who is the creator of Bella Belle Nail Couture ! 

Please tell me a bit yourself (not your polish brand just you).
My name is Vicky. First and foremost I am a wife & a stay at home mum of 2 girls... A 7 and a 3 1/2 year old. I have been a beautician/nail technician for 15 years, owning my own salon for 6. I am from Melbourne, Australia born in Liverpool, UK & I am 33 years old.

What is your nail polish brand name?
My nail polish brand name is Bella Belle Nail Couture

What inspired you to name your brand that?
My two daughters are who inspired the name for my polish...
My eldest daughters name is Isabella Rose, we call her Bella so that was easy
My youngest daughters name is Lilly Belle, we played around with the names to see which sounded best so we went for 'Belle'

What year did you start your brand?
I started my brand early in 2013

Do you remember the name of the first polish you made &/or sold?
The first polishes I made were the Midnight Collection which are still available.
I don't remember the first polish I sold.

Out of all the the polishes you've made, can you tell me your favourite 3?
My favourite 3 is an easy one hehe...
1 Smell The Roses it is my go to pink creme I wear it ALL the time!
2 A Sweet Surprise a purple to pink thermal with subtle holo I am a pink girl so this is my favourite thermal & 3 Seduced a deep magenta with holo & red dust throughout make it a really sexy polish!!!
These are 3 I wear a lot!

What are your 3 top sellers of all times?
My top selling collection is In Full Bloom a collection of 5 pastel cremes & a glitter polish full of butterflies & daisies. 
The three best sellers are from that collection...
A Pretty Posy the glitter polish
Orange Blossom a bright pastel orange &
Mint leaf a mint creme

When making a polish, do you create with inspirations or just start adding by random.
My polishes always come from inspiration. It all starts with an idea and grows from there. Everything has to make sense to me otherwise I'm not happy & it just won't work. 

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately no. 

Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know?
I have a soy nail polish remover that is free from any smell at all unlike your regular nail polish remover. It is natural & free from nasties & it won't dry out your cuticles!!

Also could you please link me your website as well as all of the social media sites you use.
IG @bellabellenailcouture #bellabellenailcouture

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