My Inglot Review/Demonstrations (=

Hello readers, I have a really awesome post to share with EVERYONE!
Oh & Check out my light box !! I still have to get a background for it but I just couldn't wait! lol I would have made a tutorial however my hubby wanted to do it & I asked him to take pictures of every step however he forgot... silly man.

So I was just searching the internet, looking at polishes, swatches nail art & some how one click lead to another & I was on Kijiji looking for polishes. I'm hooked what can I say.

 Anyways when I first came across the Kijiji ad I was very curious about it all. I got a number of Inglot polishes in a swap with a girl in NY & I just love them So I checked out the site listed on the ad & I must admit it looked sketchy. I wasn't sure if it was a legit site but then I seen that they accepted Paypal which is awesome cause if they were to rip me off, I would have been protected. However that totally wasn't the case, my experience with them was very pleasant. They were very professional & responded very quick. I am surprisingly pleased with everything, I placed my order Feb 19 & received my package on Feb 27, so from Poland to Canada is super wicked fast & the more you order the better discount you get on your whole order which is pretty awesome.

The products I will be reviewing are:
Inglot  S-Bond
Inglot Nail Whitener
Inglot Fast Drying Top Coat
Inglot #204 Nail Lacquer
Inglot #205 Nail Lacquer
Inglot #112 Nail Lacquer

So on to the products, one thing I am a huge fan of is packaging. What girl doesn't love or sometimes buy things just for the packaging, com'on be honest... I know you do too! I really love Inglot's packaging because it's black & white. To me it looks simple & clean.

The first product I would like to do a quick review on & show a quick demonstration on & will be doing an update post on is the S-Bond Treatment. On Inglot's website the description says 
"Methionine ensures a high performance treatment for split and weak nails. Does NOT contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or camphor."   
Now my nails aren't week but I love using nail treatments just to enhance my nails strength. I haven't had much of a chance to see if it actually works & does my nails good. So this is most definitely a product I will have to test longer to actually see & notice the difference. 

The next product is Inglots Nail Whitener, This product I have been loving so far I put it on right after I take off any polish & do a double coat before I put on a new polish. & its not that my nails were YELLOW they were just not as bright & white as I wanted them to be. & I've been only use the nail whitener for almost a week & I love that I can tell a difference. I love when I use a new product & it is so good you can see the difference rather quickly. Now when I say quickly I don't mean over night, but after a couple of nights yes. You will see a difference. That & I am happy I don't have to soak my hands in water or do any DIY nail whitening solutions using baking soda or denture tablets.

Inglot's website description says "Evening primrose oil, camellia sinesis leaf extract and pantenol optically whiten nails helping yellow and damaged nails look healthier."

Here is a picture of my nails before I started using the Inglot nail whitener * This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago when I first placed my order *
Here is a picture of my nails after using the nail whitener for about 4-5 days which is pretty amazing. I really like this products & I really think this was really worth the money I spent on it. & If I run out I can say that I will be getting another one FOR SURE. I am actually very happy with this products. I am pretty sure that this is gonna be my new base coat for a looooooooooooooooong time. (=


The first nail lacquer I will be sharing with you is #112, this is such a gorgeous midnight blue. The application was so easy to apply. It was very easy to work with & it was almost opaque in 1 coat, so two coats is perfect.  The best description I can give is that it's a dark blue with royal blue shimmers vibrantly running through it. I apologies but I forgot to take pictures of 112 by its self but I have a video of the application. This is the first actually lacquer I got from Inglot, the others I have are polish toppers so I am quite pleased with this especially since it was my first. (=


Now I own a number of flakie polishes & number 202 & 203 from Inglot are already in my collection & number 204 & 205 are just as amazing. Inglot flakies are the best flakie polishes I have ever EVER used. They apply beautifully, you never get any corners sticking up they're smooth & always lay flat on the nail. They are the perfect flakie. If you ever ask me which flakie I recommend without a doubt or hesitation I would say the Inglot flakies (# 202, 203, 204 & 205) They truly are great & completely worth the hype & money. & of course here is the application video.


Now for the Fast drying top coat, well first off it actually did dry pretty fast. It is a very good top coat if your  wearing a cream or shimmer polish. I wouldn't suggest it for a glitter or using it for the flakies because it's not thick like Seche Vite its more on the thinner side but not to thin. I really like this considering when I am not wearing a manicure that has texture & that is really smooth I don't like using my Seche Vite because it's so thick, but I used to because I like using a top coat. So now I use the Inglot for a smooth manicure & Seche Vite for a texture manicure so it'll be smooth.  


& Lastly the nail polish remover, I don't have a video of me using it but I am being 100% honest when I say I  am gonna get more. I really love their remover. It is truly amazing quality, I always used to use pure acetone but because I pretty much blog everyday that can be quite harsh on my cuticles. Since I placed the order I have been using their remover first off it smells kinda citrusy, kinda like oranges which would make sense because the packaging is orange & the remover its self is orange. Anyways It removes the polish rather fast, not as fast as acetone but thats a given & is so much better then using pure acetone. & ugh when I'm done removing the polish & my nail completely clean of polish they look like I just applied cuticle oil. The remover is very moisturizing & so easy to work with & use. Now I would never buy this product at the US price because just for the mini is 3.00$ now because I found this company I am completely in love with this remover because I am getting my whole order at a discounted price. That & I love how healthy it leaves my nails looking after I just took off the polish & I just can't get enough of it.

Over all review 
I am in love with Inglot's nail products, I don't think I have ever been disappointed with any of their nail products. & As far as the company I got them from, I highly recommend them I can't wait to make another order of course with my little splurge it wont be for about another month or so. I enjoyed the customer service, when I asked them how everything works they were more then happy to explain everything to me. They explained why they were selling real Inglot products ( I know they're real I own a number of inglot polish & compared them just to make sure.) at such a great price. Where the products are coming from & they never once gave me the feeling they were just trying to give me a quick answer but please if I didn't answer any questions you have feel free to ask them because I am sure they wouldn't mind explaining.

Here is the Kijiji ad:

Here is their website:

& Here is their facebook page:

Do you have any recommendations for my next order? Have you ever tried Inglot product what did you think? What Inglot products do you own?

I hope that this review was helpful for anyone that was looking for Inglot products.


  1. I heard a radio broadcast about Inglot polish last week. I never knew it was created in Poland, and the inventor made is especially to be "breathable" and healthy for the nails. It actually lets the nails breathe, even when you're wearing it! I was very interested in the polish when I heard that, and now that I know you can order direct from Poland and get a discount ... AND they take PayPal ... Well ... I guess it is a given that I'll be placing an order very soon. Oh, and sadly, the inventor of this wonderful line of cosmetics recently passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly at on 57 years of age. Very sad for his family and friends.

    1. Thank you for stopping by & taking the time to comment!

      Yes I read about that ! Even Muslim women are allowed to wear nail polish now. & Yes I was just as excited as you when I found out!

      & that is very sad to hear about him passing away.