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Greetings, my name is Anita, I am a Canadian beauty/nail blogger living in Ontario. When I originally started this blog the content was only nail related. However I slowly started writing about beauty, hair care, jewellery & fragrances.

Products I love to use and write about include nail polish, make up, skin care, hair care, subscription boxes, fragrances, & jewellry. The list could go on & on. I love trying out new products & especially being able to be the first to share them! Most of the content posted on IntensePolishTherapy usually is shared on various amounts of my social media platforms.

I do appreciate my readers and feel like I owe it to them and myself to always provide them with a 100% honest review. Which means I will not work with a company who asks me to only provide a positive review. I will always share the pros & cons.

There is absolutely no guarantee that a product will be reviewed or used on my blog, if it was received unexpectedly. My testing, reviewing and posting time varies depending on the product. Usually cosmetics and nail polish are posted in a week or two, and skin care can take two to six weeks.  If you would like me to provide you with the link to my review once it goes live please request that I do so. I do not return products that I have received to review unless its been agreed upon beforehand, if items are to be sent back, shipping fees will be covered by the company I am working with.

If you would like to work with me please email me at:

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