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   Do you believe in Magic? 
I recently visited a Unique store located in Toronto, a store that contains Extraordinary Things! If your a lover of Harry Potter or other magical and unique items this is the store for you.

I have always been drawn to magical and unique items, so when I heard that there was a store opening in Toronto that carried extraordinary things I had to check it out for myself. 

Located at 1273 Queen St.West in Toronto which is about an hour and a bit drive from me. I ventured off with my husband and my daughter to check out the store. I knew we had arrived when I saw the amazing sign hanging off the building it cannot be missed. Excited and finding parking across the street we headed into the store.  
When you first enter the store you will see a large table filled with unique items such as Alice in Wonderland feet bookmarks to Bram Stokers Dracula journals and glasses cases which say "all the better to see you with ". Once you have taken a second to take it all in make sure you look up at the ceiling as it is certainly is a sight to see.

 To the your left after you walk in you will find by far my favourite items in the store. The Minalima prints they are the graphic designers for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them films. Curiosa is the only store in Canada to carry the prints and for that reason alone it is worth the trip. They carry a great selection of prints from Quidditch Cup to the Daily Prophet, House crests to the chocolate frog boxes that Ron so dearly loved, they have a print for any Harry Potter Fan. Each print is embossed with a Minalima logo, numbered and come with a certificate authentication.

I couldn't resist and had my eye on one before we had left, being the day Harry Potter sent his son Albus Severus Potter back to Hogwarts I had to get the iconic London to Hogwarts Platform 9 3/4 ticket. Shown here framed it is a great piece and I am thrilled to hang it above my computer.

To your right when you walk into the store there as it is deemed the Harry Potter section! 
In this section you will find a great deal of unique and magical items. From limited edition books covered in each of the Hogwarts houses to 9 3/4 travelers journal. Harry Potter paper flyers, a pack wall stickers containing Harry's acceptance letters.

Two items that caught my eye were the books on the top shelf, one which states across the front of book LIST OF ENEMIES for the Slytherin in you and the other a leather bond heart crested journal for the more romantic type. There is also a journal called the book of nonsense for the wizrds more like George and Fred.

Know you cannot forget to check out the wooden display cabinet which contains the most amazing astrology items, coins and compasses. I stood infront of the case for awhile drooling over the astrology items and the coins. The coins are from dead on paper located in Australia and have extremely detailed images and have a great weight to them. 


If you love to write handwritten letters check out the table headed towards the back of the store. This table contains all of the little goodies you need to to send letters or postcards. There's a little sword letter opener, wax sealed kits which I think are are awesome and add an amazing personal touch.

The Back section of the store holds a variety of Harry Potter jewellery, unique games and treasures such as tiny little music players that play over the rainbow or Happy Birthday. Tarot cards and large astrology prints the back section of the store has lots of goodies to be seen.

Dont forget to look up on top of the bookcases, you never know what you may see?!  

It's the little details that truly make this shop one of a kind

On your way out don't forget to make a good luck token, they are fully customizable, come in one of the four Hogwarts house colours and only cost a lonnie. 

If you happen to get a chance to head to Curiosa I highly recommend it, the staff and owners were very helpful and extremely nice even though the store was very busy. The store carries so many wonderful items I was only able to touch on a few. I believe even the Muggles in your life will leave the store Happy. 

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