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A Little About Me | Trish

           Let Me introduce myself
 My name is Trish and I am a makeup/skin care lover!
I have always had a love for makeup, but it has been in the past 5 years that I have really taken the plunge into the makeup world. I am a lover of lipsticks and eyeshadows and I cannot live without eyeliner.

  Skincare on the other hand is another story, I have just started over the past year and a half to really pay attention to my skin beyond the typical moisturizing. I realize you can't have great makeup without great skin.
  Being a busy mom I understand the need for that quick everyday makeup look but that doesn't  stop me from wanting that full face glam look on a night out → or anytime I feel like it!
 My posts will vary from hauls to first impressions, from favourites to how to's. I hope you will love what's to come. If you would like to catch some previews on my instagram I can be found under richytrishy
  I want to thank Anita for asking me to be an author on her blog, I have massive nail envy from her amazing looks, she is as you know a very talented artist!
                                                  Bye for now My Pretties Trish!

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