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Cirque - Memento Mori | with a reverse glitter gradient

*Contains a gift/press sample ish. 

Hey guys, I'm not sure if you noticed the lack of nail polish posts, however I must admit I sort of lost my nail polish mojo. It quickly became something that was more of a job than a hobby, because to be honest it did. I started working with a brand & just producing a ton of nail art only to find out that the company was closing. Which I think kind of had some type of effect on my polish mojo. Almost like it broke it or something & it's finally mending. Yes I've posted swatch posts, but I haven't done nail art in a while. 

Cirque - Memento Mori
Cirque - Memento Mori 
Anyways with other stressful events happening something good came out of it, I finally have my own beauty/blogging room & in the middle of organizing & setting up my nail polishes I was looking at all of them & boom! my mojo came back. I had the urge to paint my nails once again.

Which really felt like another weight of my shoulders. & to top it off yesterday I got a package from Nail Polish Canada containing what I thought would have only been a body care product however they surprised my by including Cirque's Memento Mori, which is a beautiful deep rich black polish that is so pigmented you really only need one coat. & to top it off even tho it's so pigmented it's still so creamy, so the application is beautiful  & smooth. Very pleasant to work with. I  cannot wait to use this more & more! 
Cirque - Memento Mori topped with ILNP - Gaia
Cirque - Memento Mori topped with ILNP - Gaia
& even tho I loved the black nails alone, I really wanted to add something too it, something that screams "I'm back! I'm really back!". So I decided to go with ILNP's Gaia & do a reverse glitter gradient. I extremely pleased with the outcome. 

 photo hgj_zpsocvkeyqw.png