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Mary Kay | Brush Cleaner

Hey guys! I know it's been almost a week since I've put up a post & I was going to this weekend but that didn't work out. This weekend I decided I wanted do some gardening so I planted some strawberry plants & started creating a new base for a garden. So that consisted of pulling a ton of weeds, picking up a TON of gross cigarette butts from previous downstairs neighbours as well as trying to get a pretty good amount of the rocks gone. So I've kind of been slacking on posts so I figured now would be the perfect time do write one up! So let's get into this post. 
Mary Kay Brush Cleaner
Mary Kay Brush Cleaner

So today's product review is the Mary Kay Brush Cleaner! Woot woot! I found this when I was trying to find a brush cleaner that I could easily get my hands on without having it be too expensive & I could use daily or whenever I felt like my brush needed a quick refresh until I wanted to actually give them a deep cleaning wash.

So the way I use this is with a paper towel, I directly spray the bristles with the cleaner & then wipe the bristles on the paper towel gently in swirling motion. which probably cleans about 80% of the product out when it comes to eyeshadow brushes however with foundation brushes it's more like 60%. 
Mary Kay Brush Cleaner
Mary Kay Brush Cleaner
 I purchased mine through a friend who sells, her name is Linda Moore, if you're interested you can search her up through Mary Kay if you decide to check it out or shop! (=

The brush cleaner retails for $12.00, which I find extremely reasonable. It's pretty large too for the price. <3 I love it & recommend it for sure!

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