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YAY! Winter is almost over, springs a few days away which means summer is just around the corner! So a fresh new par of sunglasses is a must !
Firmoo Sunglasses 
Recently the website Firmoo reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing a par of sunglasses. I've only heard of the website a few times so I hopped on it & started browsing. Oh my goodness they have a lot of gorgeous glasses. You can shop eyeglasses, sunglasses or even by collections. There's really something for everyone which is why when my husband found out that I was working with them, he asked if he could pick the pair as his at the time current glasses were scratched.

So the glasses Jeremy picked out were the #SC1644 (Link Here) which was the Red, Gold ones which are extremely eyecatching. The lenses have a beautiful rainbow like colour shift.
Firmoo Sunglasses 
Firmoo has an extremely wide selection of both eyeglasses & sunglasses. That are extremely easy to order as well as everything very affordable. The sunglasses we picked are really good in quality, they come with everything you  need to take care of them & keep them in excellent condition.

The sunglasses we got were $19.00, they came with a sunglasses case, lense wipe, a keychain tool as well a dust bag. The arms are strong, they're not wobbly or too stiff.
Firmoo Sunglasses 
& Too be completely honest I think they look amazing on my husband, plus he's extremely happy with them, so I'm happy. 

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