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Kawaii Supplies - Japanese Snack & Candy Subscription Service.

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Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing & sharing an amazing subscription service called Kawaii Supplies. 
I was lucky enough & received the premium subscription which is a box that contains a bunch of goodies that wouldn't fit the the slot of doom. & lol. According to Kawaii Supplies the "Slot of Doom", "is it is a plastic slot that is 2 cm in height. If an over-sized envelope is able to pass through and remain under 500g, then it is mailed as a letter and the shipping cost is much much cheaper."
So this is how it came. In the box contains a piece of paper that has all the descriptions & ingredients of each item on it. I honestly prefer to just try everything without knowing what it was that I was eating. However I did include the description of each products under the picture for those who are interested.

  Puccho - Chewy flavorful candy that has a bit of sourness to them.

 Ramune Iro Iro - A sour melt-in-your-mouth candy that has several flavours.

 Calcium Sen - It's a mildly sweet cracker that has a lot of calcium in it. 

 Shimi Choco Corn - A crunchy chocolate stick.  (Favourite)

 Mochi Taro - Salty bite-size rice crackers. 

 Yoiko Waruiko (Green Apple & Grape Flavour) - Hard Candies. Yoiko means good child & Waruiko means naughty child.

 New Fue Ramune - Candy that you can use as a whistle. Blow through the hole to hear a whistle sound.

 Melon Pandaro - A buttery short-bread like cookie that has a hint of melon aroma. 

 Koibito Boshoochoo (Strawberry Flavoured) - Chocolate. Koibito Boshoochoo means "Looking for/advertising for a boyfriend/girlfriend".

Potato Fry - Similar to a rice cracker (fries are called potato fry or patao in Japanese).

 Hiyatto suru candy - Hard candy that has a cooling sensation. 

Pierre Ojisan No Roll Cake - Soft strawberry flavoured roll cake.  

Makken Gumi - Cider flavoured gummy candy that you can play rock-scissors with. 

 Pucchibi - Sweet chewy ramune candy. 

Umani-bo Teriyaki Flavour - A puffed snack that has the texture of cheetos but without the cheese flavour. 

I LOVED EVERYTHING. There was not 1 single thing that I didn't enjoy. I really loved that fact that this subscription service allows you to try things that aren't very easily accessible to many Canadians. I love trying different food & snack items from different countries so this was right up my alley. I would highly recommend subscribing to this box at least for a 1 month trial run, because it is so fun. My husband enjoyed this more than I did & he's never expressed that this would be something he would be into. So It appeals to a large variety of people. If you'd like to know more about this subscription service go to

Also because they're located in Canada you don't have to worry about duty fees or high shipping rates!

The main pages I would suggest to check out would be the FAQ page & the Subscription info page because they're both very informative & have pretty much covered everything possible. 

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