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OXY Emergency Acne Vanishing Treatment Wipes Review

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Hey guys! Today I have a skin care type of review for you. Most people have heard of the brand Oxy & they're available pretty much everywhere possible. So they have came out with this new product that are Oxy medicated wipes, which are perfect for your purse, gym bag or when traveling. These make it super easy & convenient to continue helping your skin while on the go or when you're super busy.

The package opening flap thingy is actually a super thick material, which makes it very unlikely for it to fall off & the wipes dry out. When you pull on the wipe only 1 comes out. So the wipe itself is a pretty good sized wipe & has plenty of product. With one wipe I can get my face, neck/chest & ears. Yes I do my ears just because they're pretty oily & when I clean them & just wipe away the oil it doesn't help & actually causes it to produce more oil. So I like to use medicated wipes or pads to prevent any acne in my ear. Because nothing is worse then a pimple in your ear & no I don't mean in the actual ear canal.

Anyways, I was actually reviewing a face cream I was sent, & it made my face break out. I'm not gonna name, names tho because they practically called me a liar. Anyways their product made my face breakout & I started using these sometimes twice a day sometimes once a day. It really depending on what I did that day & how my face felt. & probably about 5 days after everything was almost gone so these really help, which I am super thankful for.  The did seem a bit drying when I used them twice a day tho. 

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